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Mitral valve regurgitation and pregnancy.

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Junosmum Mon 03-Aug-15 13:21:25

So after the scary results o my combined testing it turns out all is as well as can be with my tiny human, or as well as can be ascertained at this point!

The Obstetrician is now going nuts over my 'serious heart condition'. I do not have a serious heart condition, I have a minor, though very noisy, heart murmur caused by mitral valve prolapse. It was diagnosed following an echo and ecg when I was 23 and the Cardiologist even said 'don't worry, I don't even consider you to have a heart condition, no need to mention it on insurance or anything'.

Since then I've moved to a new area and all they have on my notes is 'mitral valve regurgitation, under cardiologist'. That's it. I'm not under a cardiologist and haven't been since I was first diagnosed all those years ago.

The midwife was terrified when she saw my notes and referred me to a consultant who similarly was worried and so today I had another echo. I won't get the results for a few weeks- when I next see the obstetrician. Prior to this I wasn't worried at all, I feel fine, I am fine, I have no 'heart problem' symptoms though have had palpitations since I was 14.

Anyone else go a murmur and has it affected them/ pregnancy?

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