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Anxious waiting for test results. How do you cope?

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mrsnec Mon 03-Aug-15 07:22:52

I'm 10+1 with my 4th pregnancy.

I have one dd who is 10 months old. I am 37. Dd took 5 years and an mc to conceive. I'm not in the UK.

I thought dd was my only chance at motherhood and I was booked in very late with the hospital so I missed all the diagnostic tests last time and paid for a more detailed private scan at about 16 weeks.

This time I'm consultant lead by the doctor who delivered dd and I've already had 3 appointments including 2 scans. They convinced me to have a test this morning which is called Tranquility which looks very similar to harmony.

They won't call me with results I have to wait until my next appointment which is my NT scan which is booked for the 26 August. I will be nearly 14 weeks then. Is that too late it seems very long to wait when the info on the test says the results are available within 5 working days?

How do you cope waiting for results? I had lots of anxiety in my last pregnancy. They suspected all sorts of things at various points along the way and I was treated like a geriatric mother. The consultant got my age wrong and I kept telling him I wasn't 40 yet and he said at 37 it's the same as being over 40. I ended up with an emcs for various reasons but my consultant would have done an elcs just on the basis of my age. I don't know if this is why they're keeping such a close eye on me this time.

This morning I had to go to get my blood test first thing then take it to a courier to get to the lab. I don't know if that's just procedure or if they're worried.

I had to make an appointment with a different doctor for the nt scan. They wrote nt 12/40 on a post it and told me to keep it does anyone know if that means anything?

eurochick Mon 03-Aug-15 07:29:32

12/40 just means 12 weeks of pregnancy (which is 40 weeks). It sounds like your Dr us not helping your anxiety. I had my first pregnancy at 38 and was treated as low risk at the start.

mrsnec Mon 03-Aug-15 08:26:37

Thanks. Maybe doc is just ageist!

No,they don't help my anxiety at all. In the two previous pregnancies here too every time I've tried to voice concerns over anxiety with any of the staff they just keep telling me not to worry. I'm definitely not taken seriously on that score.

The midwife this morning told me in I can't wait until the 26th then I can call in first thing any morning on the off chance the results are in and the doctor is available to discuss them. I don't want a wasted journey though and the hospital isn't exactly close to where I live.

I do however have a very good rapport with the specialist neo natal radiologist at our local private hospital who did my scan last time and I'm tempted to go again although money is a bit tight and if I do go and see her it's trying to work out when the best time would be.

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