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Feeling guilty with GD

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DandelionWishes88 Sun 02-Aug-15 17:48:48

It's Sunday night just finished work and have no food in my house, my hubby's been sleeping all day from working night shift so had no time to shop! And all shops are closed now and it's looking like a take away for tea.
Feeling guilty as I have gestational diabetes at 27 weeks but im starving. ... feeling crap and naughty. ...confused

bunny85 Sun 02-Aug-15 18:27:29

Very similar situation here - have GD but don't have food and we are ordering takeaway, but guess what, there are takeaways that we can just eat alright! I'm ordering grilled chicken with salad and few roasted potatoes, tried it before and BG didn't rise over the limit at all. Just gotta watch the potatoes though.

We are ordering from a Greek restaurant so have a look maybe there's one near you as well.

sizethree Sun 02-Aug-15 18:29:39

There can be healthy takeaway choices. So it doesn't need to feel like a guilty indulgence.
I can't have dairy so I order a takeaway pizza with no cheese. Still yummers (but you kind of have to eat the slices very horizontally as cheese usually acts as a glue to adhere the toppings!) if you go for a veg option it'll be loveky and crunchy and surprisingly healthy.
In fact same goes for Indian, if you choose a Tarka dahl or something similar. Chinese too, something like chicken with cashews is far less calorific than a chowmein, fried anything.
Takeaways don't have to be bad for you, just adjust your choice accordingly.

Jellybean100 Sun 02-Aug-15 22:57:11

You'll be fine as long as you order something low in carbs. Don't choose chips rice naan bread. Maybe just go for rice. Chinese is fine but avoid sweet and sour sauce and plum sauce - full of sugar! Something like beef in black bean sauce is good. Chow me in (noodles tho so watch out for carbs, maybe have just a chow me in and no rice). Choose a tomato based curry at an Indian instead of sugary creamy type like a korma. I would definitely not recommend a pizza as its so high in carbs. Enjoy!!

Jellybean100 Sun 02-Aug-15 22:58:39

Grrrr chowmein*

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