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Is this what they call a chemical?

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catbus Sun 02-Aug-15 13:54:48

Hey all. I have had 2 MMCs last year, in March and December. With both of those I had symptoms from the off, unlike my successful pregnancies where I didn't have symptoms straight away, I just knew I had to test.
Anyway, I never go past a 28 day cycle and despite not having any symptoms, I just knew I had to test- a day late.
Tested late at night and positive straight away and very clear. Completely shocked tbh!
And now this morning I woke all hot and upon going to the loo, lots of blood when wiping and bleeding a bit on a pad. Also mild cramping on and off. I suppose I'be never had a MC 2 days after a +hpt, and so I'm just not sure how to feel.
For me, any blood has always resulted in MC, so I guess I'm not overly hopeful.
Anyway, I am assuming this is what they call a chemical? And if so, how long before you test negative- because it took 3 weeks to show negative after my last MC at 11 weeks.
Tia smile

jusdepamplemousse Sun 02-Aug-15 14:42:52

Either chemical PG or an implantation bleed I guess? How stressful for you and confusing. flowers

If I were you I would call your local EPU for advice. They will know when you should re-test etc and if you should have a scan in a few weeks. They might also do bloods to check level of HCG and track it for you.

Hope you're ok.

catbus Sun 02-Aug-15 17:39:42

Thank you smile
It hasn't fully 'got going' yet so waiting for that to happen. Then I guess when this 'period' has finished I will test and hopefully get a negative, just so.I know it's all over. Part of me is clinging hope that it'll all be fine, but having had a total of 4 MCs over the years, I've never seen blood as a good outcome. Just a bit odd to have been/known I was/am pregnant for a couple of days confused

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