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Anyone else had a change in movements 38 weeks?

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Treesandbees Sun 02-Aug-15 12:49:50

Last few days baby hasn't been moving as much but I can feel she has dropped and turned inwards. Don't know whether to be worried or presume I'm not feeling things as much. She did wake me up the night before last going crazy, she's just not consistently as busy as before. It's my DS bday today so trying not to stress about it!

VivaLeBeaver Sun 02-Aug-15 12:53:12

Doesnt matter about other people. A change In movement means you should get checked out. Ring the labour ward.

Orangeisthenewbanana Sun 02-Aug-15 12:55:39

Sometimes there's just less room for them to move about in the later stages, but I wouldn't take any chances. Go and get yourself checked out.

westcountrywoman Sun 02-Aug-15 12:59:14

NEVER hesitate to get reduced fetal movements checked out. Yes, it can be to lack of room in the womb / change of position, but it can also be a sign of the baby struggling in there. There is no way of telling without getting yourself looked at.
Ring the labour ward NOW and insist on going in for monitoring.
Hopefully all is well but don't take a chance. Baby's condition can decline rapidly if there's a problem.

Treesandbees Sun 02-Aug-15 13:12:49

Shit, scared now! Currently hosting my 2 yo birthday party!!!

Sighing Sun 02-Aug-15 14:26:22

After the party handover to your partner and get the reassurance. Honestly my movements reduced around 38 weeks too and all was OK (I gave birth at 38 weeks).
It might be you notice less with organising birthday etc? But the maternity ward would rather see a 100 (or 1000 or how rare it is) people unnecessarily than miss 1.

Mulligrubs Sun 02-Aug-15 14:29:17

Get yourself checked. Any change in movements at any stage must be checked.

Doublebubblebubble Sun 02-Aug-15 17:54:28

No two women/pregnancies are the same so even attempting to try and make a comparison would be next to impossible Always report changes in movement x also babies do not run out of room towards the end, there is more than enough for them. No offence but People need to stop spreading this myth, its incredibly dangerous. They move continually during labour too. Xx good luck xx

westcountrywoman Tue 04-Aug-15 14:08:49

Hope everything is ok treesandbees.

HedgehogAtHome Tue 04-Aug-15 14:29:27

Shit, scared now! Currently hosting my 2 yo birthday party!!!

Doesn't matter. You need to get checked out.

HedgehogAtHome Tue 04-Aug-15 14:30:43

Sorry, thought this was an active thread rather than one that had been rebumped.

Agree with Double though for anyone else reading with reduced movements.

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