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Faint line on pregnancy test.. what do you guys think?

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and193 Sun 02-Aug-15 01:43:55

So I have not been myself for the past week.. I have been getting nauseas in the mornings when I don't eat and also throughout the day.. especially at night after I eat. VERY emotional at times and down. Normally i'm a very upbeat person. I also am extremely bloated.. I usually can keep my stomach pretty flat but right now I am more bloated then ever.. I am 120lbs, theres no way I should have this much bloat.. and I had my period (which was very light) on the 15th-20th of 07/15/15.. also had sex about a week before my period.. it would be 2 weeks later and I'm feeling this way. I haven't missed a period yet but my sister insisted on testing.. the first test which was late last night was almost non-existent.. I felt like I was imagining it.. then, I took one this morning. I edited it on my computer a little bit to show more contrast to define the line a little bit more.. I don't know if i should be ever worried about it or just continue my life. I know to re-test in a few days but it's eating me alive NOW! smilesmile

mummyneedinganswers Sun 02-Aug-15 01:54:55

I can see a very very faint line on the bottom one but try a early predictor you get them in superdrug and semichem I found out at 3 1/2 weeks with them.

SilverNightFairy Sun 02-Aug-15 03:23:33

I see a very faint line on the bottom test. I would retest ASAP.

HazleNutt Sun 02-Aug-15 08:56:23

I can see a line.

Junosmum Sun 02-Aug-15 09:03:35

I can see a line on the bottom test. I'd retest with a different, more sensitive test such as first response or a superdrug own brand.

leadcrow Sun 02-Aug-15 14:43:59

Even a faint line means a prescience of hcg so you are more than likely pregnant. Best bet is to get a very sensitive test like mummyneedinganswers said and do it first thing tomorrow morning...I personally like first's an article about the sensitivity of different pregnancy tests

MrsGentlyBenevolent Sun 02-Aug-15 16:17:14

Your bottom test is darker than my first test of my current pregnancy was. I waited two days and it was followed by one that was a 'definite'. So, I err on the side of positive, but it certainly needs 'conformation' with another test. Hope you get the result you're looking for!

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