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Big age gap between children

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KatyK1980 Sat 01-Aug-15 19:58:09

I'm 13 weeks pregnant , due 5/2/16 :-)
This is my first baby with my husband, however I also have a daughter by my ex, who will be 14 when baby is born!
It's strange going back to babies and pregnancy again after so long and I was wondering if anyone else was in similar position? Xx

pinktrufflechoc Sat 01-Aug-15 19:59:52

It quite but there's a 7 year gap between DS and DD1!

Thanksforthat Sat 01-Aug-15 20:05:14

7 year gap here. DD from my first marriage. Really exciting but I'm like a first time mum. Lots of things have changed but I'm hoping my instincts will kick in. Sometimes I do think "sh!te what was I thinking" hmm but hope it'll be ok.

cheezypeas Sat 01-Aug-15 20:07:12

Not as big a gap as you, but DD will be nearly 7 when this one arrives. I've forgotten what you do with babies! It has been one of life's true pleasures though seeing her get so excited about meeting her little sister smile

Topsy34 Sat 01-Aug-15 20:08:26

We will have6.5 years between ds and new baby

CarrieLouise25 Sat 01-Aug-15 20:08:55

8 year gap, and it was wonderful. Like being a first time mum again, only with a really helpful and lovely big sibling to help x

MummyBex1985 Sat 01-Aug-15 20:32:31

We are currently TTC and will have a ten year gap smile

Junosmum Sat 01-Aug-15 20:35:20

There's 15 years between me and my youngest brother-people thought he was mine! My sister is 7 years younger than me, next closest in age to me. I can't say we were close, either growing up or now.

GoooRooo Sat 01-Aug-15 20:36:20

I'm not in this situation but a member of my family is. My niece's mum (my brother is my niece's father although has nothing to do with her... long story) had another baby with her now husband 14 years after my niece was born. Niece was THRILLED with her baby brother and her mum was really good about not insisting she helped with the baby, but accepting her help if she wanted to and that's worked really well. I think it probably was quite odd to go back to the baby stage but she took to it like a duck to water and everyone in the family is very happy.

Ledehe Sat 01-Aug-15 21:04:37

I'm currently 37+4 with dd2, 9 year gap for me. Had birth trauma first time round and was only 20 so it took us this long to decide we definitely wanted another baby. My daughter has been excellent and really excited and I'm trying to involve her as much as possible.

I myself have an 11 year gap between myself and my twin brothers.

Loulou2kent Sat 01-Aug-15 21:11:50

17 year gap between me & my little bro & it's lovely. There's 5 of us in total & we all get on really well. My own child 4 years old, has great fun with his 10 year old uncle! And my little sister is 13 soon & desperate to start watching my son for me. It's lovely to have a big gap. I've watched them grow up & I tell them stories about them as babies all the time. Wouldn't change a thing. The gap between me & my other brother & sister is 18 months between each of us. �� your going to love it! X x

KatyK1980 Sat 01-Aug-15 21:17:41

Wow,great to hear I'm not the only one 'starting all over again!'
It does feel like im pregnant for the first time though as the last time was so long ago!

Loulabellle123 Sat 01-Aug-15 21:20:41

My DD will just be 16 if dc2 arrives on the due date! She is very excited and I have to admit I think I have forgotten everything to do with babies. It feels like a first pregnancy again!

KatyK1980 Sat 01-Aug-15 21:25:37

It's quite nice in a way though to feel like its all the first time again isn't it? :-)
Feel a bit happier now I'm 'older' too!

Peppasmate Sat 01-Aug-15 21:52:26

I have 6 dc. Oldest is 26, youngest is 17 months! Biggest age gap is between dc 2 & 3,15 years!

So now I've 2 dc in their 20's & a 3 school age & a toddler.

I will become a Nan before the year is out!

It's lovely. You have experience & patience. The baby changes the dynamics. Strangely I found my teenagers loved the baby's but I didn't expect them to.

Best of luck & enjoy...

Athenaviolet Sat 01-Aug-15 22:04:30

I have big gaps.

It cuts down childcare costs but we had to buy everything again.

So many of the 'rules' of pregnancy & parenting have changed as well!

I feel quite old fashioned.

Hopefully room sharing won't become an issue as imagine eldest will move away to Uni at 18. Otherwise we'd have a real problem!

I'm looking forward to them being adults when the age gap isn't such a big issue. They will have had very different childhoods and I hope this doesn't cause any long term resentment.

lauraa4 Sat 01-Aug-15 22:09:23

My dad remarried and went onto have two children with my step mum. There is 18 years between me and my brother and 24 between me and my sister! I am due in September and she will only be one year older than my son! grin

MissSMartin Sat 01-Aug-15 22:18:48

im 15 years older than my sister.. she's 7 now and i love having a little sister so young smile don't worry!! grin x

Superexcited Sun 02-Aug-15 08:04:53

Our youngest will be 12 when our baby is born later this year. We didn't plan such a large age gap but it is what nature decided for us. I'm very excited but also daunted as I feel like I have forgotten everything about new borns and I am also worried about the baby restricting things like family cinema visits which my other children love to do. But I'm sure it will all work out and I am worrying for nothing.

zimbomaman Sun 02-Aug-15 08:10:23

We have a 20 year old, a 16 year old and a 4 year old. It makes for an interesting family life. The older two are lovely with the youngest and she worships them. They can still have little fights in the back.of the car though grin.

AnythingNotEverything Sun 02-Aug-15 08:12:27

There's 13 years between my first two. It's a lovely gap, because your oldest can hold the baby while you cook, but is old enough not to be jealous.

Things have changed though - noone used slings when DS was born and now weaning is delayed and you can avoid purring, which is brilliant smile

The best bit is that having got one child to puberty, you really don't sweat the small stuff with the baby.

madsaz76 Sun 02-Aug-15 10:38:23

This is my first baby but my husband has a 28 year old son and a grandson who will be 2 when baby gets here.

When TTC I did resent the step grandkid (why not me self pity) as an idea but couldn't resent him - he's gorgeous.

DH and son a bit freaked but I am chilled. My sisters are 15/16 years older than me and Dad was 56 when I was born so I am used to unusual family dynamics. It's not as uncommon as it feels.

Hopefully we can get some babysitting , though I think my insanely broody menopausal sister may snaffle it all....

Sighing Sun 02-Aug-15 15:12:44

There will be a 10/ 8 year gap between dc3 and dc1&dc2 (I remarried). But not especially unusual in my family or DH's (I have an uncle who is younger than me). My concern is dc3 will be a bit of a 'doll' to my two.

Happy36 Sun 02-Aug-15 15:19:28

My elder brother is 5 years older than me, younger brother 4 years younger and my sister 5 years younger so my elder brother and my sister are 14 years apart. Worked out well because by the time she went to school he was driving :D Cue lie-in for mum after 13 years of the school run!

Happy36 Sun 02-Aug-15 15:20:13

p.s. We all get on incredibly well, in fact, my elder brother and my sister have probably the closest relationship of all of us.

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