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Bleeding after being sick

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captainproton Sat 01-Aug-15 11:38:02

This is my 3rd pregnancy and I am 13 weeks. I had a very small bleed at 12 weeks, think more like a streak of blood when wiping. I went to A&E anyway as I know I needed an anti-d. I spent a long time waiting and saw the consultant who told me small bleeds are nothing to worry about and yes I needed my anti-d as a precaution. I was told the jab lasts for 6 weeks.

I have noticed if I have been straining myself in the last week I get small bleed, sometimes with a tiny clot. But at the dating scan they said no sign of bleeding and it was probably from birth canal.

I just had a spectacular projectile vomit and I've had the biggest bleed yet. But it's eased off now, and I feel crap and I don't want to go to hospital again. Midwives are not interested in seeing me until post 18 weeks about bleeding so no point rocking up there.

Has anyone had similar? Can you tell me what it is? I've got an appt at 16 weeks and was just going to wait it out and get her to have a look, but not sure if I am under reacting. Google is not giving me much insight.

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