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what changes did you have to make for DS2?

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VeryEarlyDays Fri 31-Jul-15 19:21:57

just getting my head round having another baby. It's only really just occurring to me that this one will be different from the last (DS1 16months) as I'll have a toddler too. what were the big differences and any top tips? the well meaning Mil is bombarding me with questions such as where will baby sleep, what happens if he wakes DS1 in the night and the ever so helpful how will you cope?

BlinkAndMiss Fri 31-Jul-15 21:06:27

Congratulations smile. Ok, well first of all ignore your MIL and anyone else who mentions coping/managing etc, etc, etc smile.

The main difference for me has been the lack of focus on the newborn, with DS1 everything revolved around him but with DS2 he just sort of fits in with what DS1 is doing and because of that he is far more relaxed and able to just doze when he needs to rather than constantly being held and rocked to sleep. Then the second thing is that I can't relax as much or take naps when I need to because DS1 is always there. Some days that is very hard, particularly if DS2 has had a restless night but I just make sure I have a plan for the day so I'm not having to think on my feet. Usually it involves the sand pit, stories or going for walks (where your oldest might fall asleep if you have a double buggy) or a living room picnic which DS1 loves.

In a way I've just had to become more organised and more forgiving of myself when things don't go the way I planned. If nothing gets done around the house then so be it, if I have to use the tv to babysit while I sort things out then that's fine as long as it's not all day. I've taken better care of my diet this time around to ensure that I have energy rather than that sluggish feeling. The other thing I've changed which I don't like is that I have to go to bed about 9pm, otherwise I feel terrible the next day.

It doesn't seem much harder at all for me at this point other than my days are pretty full on. I feel guilty quite often that I can't give either of them the amount of attention that DS1 got but in a positive way it has taken the pressure off DS1 and he is learning to be more independent - which he has been craving. Probably the best change has been that I value my time more, when I get a half hour to myself I really make the most of it.

Everything will be absolutely fine, things change but they're really not permanent changes so even in a difficult patch you know it won't last forever smile.

VeryEarlyDays Fri 31-Jul-15 22:51:32

thanks Blink, changing diet is probably a good call. I'm aware that this far along in the pregnancy last time I was still going out running etc. in fact that would have been the last time I went running!! I have picked up.some bad cake habits too so will be reaching for the veg and fruit x

mrsmeerkat Fri 31-Jul-15 22:58:03

I had my two very close together

the toddler naps for two hours so I try and give keep the baby awake and get them to nap together (this is precious time I iron, clean, batch cook)

def agree with second baby just fitting in..not much fussing

We are keeping the baby in with us and toddler rarely wakes so from 8pm we just have to focus on the baby

I bath them together. Bring in the bouncer chair and let baby relax then strip and bath toddler and throw all his toys in, then strip newborn and wash dry and dress him on a clean towel and put back in the bouncer then dry off toddler and bring them both into the bedroom and sort toddler

Double buggy - out everyday

VeryEarlyDays Sat 01-Aug-15 14:09:29

makes sense Mrsmeercat. I currently sling my toddler on my back or walk him in reins. So hoping to do either baby in pram toddler in sling or toddler in pushchair baby in sling as really can't afford another buggy. am I mad? would that work?

Scotinoz Sat 01-Aug-15 18:56:35

I've got just short of 17months between mine. Currently 20 and 3 months - exhausting, but lovely.

Agree with the others, #2 just fits in! We get out every morning, which keeps toddler entertained and lets the baby sleep in the pram. Toddler sleeps for a couple of hours from noon, so I can spend a bit of time with the little one/she can sit in the bouncer and watch me tidy. Afternoons are a bit varied.

Being organised really helps. Having change bag/pram ready to get out the house quickly, having some lunch for the toddler ready just to through at them etc. We watch a bit of TV now too.

Neither child seems to wake the other up much.

I don't have a full on side by side double pram, but I bought the second seat for my Vista and it's been great. Toddler does prefer the skateboard, but the seat is good and means I can get 2 children and shopping home quickly when the rain starts!

My diet is terrible though! A lot of coffee and choccy bickies...must crack that one!

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