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Pounding heart, should I be worried?

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chopsface Fri 31-Jul-15 13:44:53

Hi all. I'm currently 20+4 with my first pregnancy. For the last couple of weeks I was suffering from breathlessness and pounding heartbeat. Last week I was diagnosed as having mild aneamia and I've been taking iron supplements 3 times a day for the last week.

How Iong after taking iron tablets should I startbto see an improvement to my health? I did have a cold earlier this week which I presume set things back. When I walk up a flight of stairs my heart pounds so badly I can hear it in my head, neck and ears! And I can see the pulse in my neck throbbing! Sometimes I can even hear it thumping when I'm resting. The other night lying in bed I heard a thumping noise so loud I thought the neighbours were bouncing a ball off the wall! I even said to dh "what the hell are they doing next door" and he couldn't hear a thing!! It was only the I realised it was in my head!!

I am aware that you pump more blood around for you and baby, but has anyone else felt it this obviously?

Sighing Fri 31-Jul-15 14:17:10

The heart fluttering/ pounding i do get with anaemia (occasionally in regular life) and already had it the other night (9 weeks).
It tends to take me two weeks. I think that's to do with manufacturing new blood cells.
If you have had a cold as well it might be your heart is working extra hard as you've got getting better and a baby demanding oxygen from your blood.
Remember to couple iron with vitamin C as much as possible (especially post cold).
If you are worried, do check it out with your midwife.
I hope you feel a bit stronger soon

Bluepetra Fri 31-Jul-15 14:42:54

I too have this, since about 26 weeks, I'm anaemic but have been referred to a heart specialist to have some checks just incase. Maybe ask about that.

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