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Paternity Leave

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MumToBe2015R Fri 31-Jul-15 13:26:12

Using my wife's account.

When does paternity leave start?

My employer has said my paternity leave starts the day I phone in to say I'm not coming because the Mrs is gone into labour...but I keep on reading on the net that it can't start until the baby is born?

its just I've got 2 weeks paternity leave and if my mrs is in labour for 2 or 3 days I would have used 2-3 days just on the labour and not when the baby is actually here

could anyone please clarify when does it actually start and is that applicable to all retail workers?


MummyBex1985 Fri 31-Jul-15 13:33:37

It can start when you want it to, as long as it's within 56 days of the birth smile

EdgarAllenPoe Fri 31-Jul-15 13:35:25

Paternity starts at 'birth' or within 56 days. So if you wanted, you could take unpaid leave, or holidays if your work is flexible like that, during the labour, then start your paternity afterwards. But if you wanted to start your paternity leave during labour, no-one would argue otherwise since labour is usually considered a part of birth! It's pretty unlikely it'll go on for days, if it does well that's just unlucky for you (and your wife!).

The kind of job you work is irrelevant.

All the details here:

MummyBex1985 Fri 31-Jul-15 13:35:37

Oh and it can't legally start before the day of the birth, so on the event of a 3 day labour you would take two days as unpaid dependent leave and pat leave would start on the third day.

rallytog1 Sat 01-Aug-15 08:09:10

When your partner goes into labour you can start your pat leave, but it also comes under 'time off for dependants', so you're entitled to take the time off to support her in labour (although this may be unpaid) without actually having to start your paternity leave.

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