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Best books on twins?

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eeyore2 Thu 30-Jul-15 16:06:50

Hi - I'm 22 weeks now with ID twins and after a tough pregnancy I'm starting to think this might actually happen! I already have two children but I suspect twins might be a whole new ball game. Does anyone have any recommendations for good books about coping with the early months/years of twins? Thanks!

TitusAndromedon Thu 30-Jul-15 16:31:45

I'm 21 weeks with DCDA twins. So far I have Mothering Multiples, which has been recommended a number of times on Mumsnet. I also have the One Born Every Minute book on Twins, as well as Double Trouble and the Tamba book on multiples. They all cover information on pregnancy, birth and coping with the early months, particularly things like feeding and routines. Double Trouble is a bit outdated and the Tamba one is a little bit dry, because it's got a more medical perspective, but I've found them all very interesting. Mothering Multiples is in association with La Leche League so there's a big emphasis on breastfeeding, but I'm hoping to bf so that was fine with me.

Obviously, I can't comment on their suggestions in practice, but a couple were loaned to me by a friend with twins, and she was very positive about them.

Doublebubblebubble Thu 30-Jul-15 19:35:53

Mothering multiples is a good one. Also you can sign up to T.A.M.B.A - they'll point you in the right direction x good luck x

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