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Discharge question (sorry if tmi)

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Frillsandspills Thu 30-Jul-15 15:31:24

I'll be 20 weeks tomorrow, and I haven't had much discharge over the past week so today I'm having a spring clean of the house and I'm wearing pyjama bottoms and decided to not wear under so I could give myself a bit of air down there so to speak and since discharge wise I've been fine I thought nothing of it.

Obviously, the one time I decide to let myself go free the discharge comes back and I felt it come out, so upon inspection it was white, no smell, and too thick to be mistaken for water.
I'm just wondering if this is normal, and did I perhaps 'feel it' more because I was not wearing any underwear?
I've since put underwear on of course, and other than that I've been fine, few of the normal aches and pains I usually have. I did worry the last time I noticed discharge as t seemed water but it I think it was definitely discharge rather than anything else.
I forgot to mention it at my midwife appointment yesterday but the baby's heartbeat and things were fine.

Does anyone else getting a sudden surge of discharge? Just wondering if it's definitely normal as I don't normally notice it all the time.

creamoftomato Thu 30-Jul-15 15:34:09

To me this sounds totally totally normal. Pregnant with no 2 at the moment and lots of variation in discharge, just like last time. Lovely.

Frillsandspills Thu 30-Jul-15 15:36:48

Thank you so much. Read a thread on here earlier and people telling the OP it could possibly be her waters so I panicked a little as my discharge can be watery sometimes (well more so than other times).

I've felt my baby move more the past few days though so slightly less nervous about everything

Gillian1980 Thu 30-Jul-15 15:38:37

I'm 37 weeks and have had really variable discharge throughout. Sometimes clear, sometimes creamy; sometimes quite thick, sometimes thinner and quite watery; sometimes heavy, sometimes non-existent.

I think the only time to be concerned is if it smells bad, is green tinged or has a frothy or lumpy texture - all possible signs of infection.

Frillsandspills Thu 30-Jul-15 16:04:32

Gillian I've noticed mine being different a lot too still trying to get used to it.
I think the sudden increase just worried me a little as I could feel it and panicked!
Lesson of the day: don't let your flaps be free during pregnancy

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