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Ante-natal classes- how do NCT classes fare?

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Manoxlon Thu 30-Jul-15 13:21:08

Hi, just wondering what everyone thought of the ante-natal classes out there and how the NCT classes fare (they seem to be the most common)..?! Thanks

Scarydinosaurs Thu 30-Jul-15 13:25:01

Mine were pretty awful. Only decent part was the one day on labour. The rest of it was just 'chat'. that one day was very good though...hmm, on the fence.

kbro79 Thu 30-Jul-15 14:28:06

I did NCT and NHS. Both were really good and v helpful. Massive benefit of NHS is it's free. NCT v expensive (esp as we live in London). Downside of NHS is during the day so had to take annual leave. I would say it depends how you are feeling about birth. I was v anxious and both classes really calmed my nerves. Also depends if you are looking to make friends for mat leave company. Nct I found was much better at getting to know others whereas NHS was more being talked at. Doing both was unnecessary though but would say I am pleased I did them and would recommend doing something. My DH also found nct really good and helpful (he didn't come to NHS since during the day)

ACatCalledFang Thu 30-Jul-15 20:58:56

We've done both. Am 37 + 3, so ask me in six weeks' time for a concrete answer! Based on our experience, I'd say the main differences are the level of detail and group size.

In our area, you get a 3-hr NHS class on labour and birth, then a 2-hr breastfeeding session, both during the working day. Neither was really conducive to getting to know people, but the factual content was good, and the staff obviously know the situation at the local hospital, which was helpful.

The NCT classes we did covered the same subjects in 16 hrs, so were much more detailed and interactive, with six couples, and time to get to know each other.

We hesitated before signing up for NCT due to the cost, but were pleasantly surprised-it's made us both feel more confident about labour and birth, and our tutor was very objective. I was keen to do them partly so I would know what DP knew (if you see what I mean), and he found them useful - I feel much happier that he knows what he can do to support me.

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