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UTI symptoms but negative tests, with spotting at ten weeks

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HJBeans Thu 30-Jul-15 05:08:58

A bit long now, but could really use some advice. I'm ten weeks pregnant with symptoms of a UTI but negative tests on culture. I've also had some spotting, and am worried about impact on the pregnancy. Travelling abroad just now, so no access to NHS. Have you had UTI symptoms in pregnancy but negative tests? What did it turn out to be?

Long story:

Started having vague UTI symptoms last weekend when in the UK. Was going to go into the GP Monday but saw an out-of-hours in Sunday as I saw pink when I wiped. Then aaw red-streaked vaginal discharge while there, so had a full exam. She said there was no sign of bleeding from the uterus, cervix was closed, but that there was lots of white discharge and gave me ABs for thrush and UTI pending the tests coming back - as early treatment is impt in pregnancy.

Saw early pregnancy support on Sunday and all looked fine with the pregnancy - HB, measuring for dates, etc.

Followed up with my GP on Tuesday when test results were back and was concerned that the UTI screen was negative. They took another sample, which was negative on the dipstick, and have sent that off too. Had another external exam and had some raw-looking areas in the vulva. - especially where recently treated for a bartholin cyst. So was given another AB in case of vaginal infection not covered by the first few as the swab for this had not yet come back from the lab.

The big complication is that I traveled to the US yesterday, having had t make a call whether to cancel my DS's annual trip to see his grandparents or not. Flights couldn't be rescheduled and insurance said they'd now not cover anything to do with infections in the region, as I'd not been diagnosed with a specific infection yet.

Felt better yesterday drinking lots if water but worse again after sleeping and concerned about developing a kidney infection here which would bankrupt us! No fever throughout, though, and no pain.

Thanks if you've made it this far - I'm really looking for people who may have felt like they had a UTI in pregnancy but had negative tests. What was it in the end?

mygreeneyedboy Thu 30-Jul-15 07:12:20

How long are you travelling for? I was plagued with UTIs last pregnancy and I am having a few symptoms at the moment (frequently need to go and pee but never feel empty!) (also 10weeks!)

Last pregnancy I was in another European country for a while, but when I saw a doctor for UTI symptoms, they did tests and said the growth was too little for antibiotics. Maybe this is like your negative test? They had also said they don't tend to give antibiotics for a simple UTI unless it's quite bad, so if this is what you are worried about (not having the antibiotics), then it's fine. (The usual rant that UK overprescribes!) Drink cranberry juice instead smile

If you're worried the symptoms could be something else... then I would say the symptoms don't seem too serious so it can't be anything too terrible! See the GP again when you are home?

HJBeans Thu 30-Jul-15 08:45:06

Thanks for replying. I'll be over here for two and a half weeks. My worry is driven in part by the response of the GPs I saw, who said it was impt to treat UTI quickly in pregnancy and also by the chance of it developing into a kidney infection which could need hospital care which I'd need to pay for out of pocket. (£1000s over here - eek!)
I'm on higher alert than I would be because of the spotting. If that's not from UTI / thrush then it's more of a worry pregnancy wise. The GP, anyway, said it was a judgement call whether I should risk travelling - but two year old only grandchild seeing elderly grandparents he's not seen in a year. I couldn't skip it for what might be nothing.

I've heard all swabs from Sunday came back negative and will have another phone chat with the GP around noon today.

Now I've had some sleep I can be more succinct in my question for the good ladies of mumsnet : is it possible for pressure from a growing uterus at 10 weeks to mimic the symptoms of a UTI? It's not burning so much as irritated feeling of the urethra and feeling I need to go a lot and very little coming out when I do.

HJBeans Thu 30-Jul-15 08:48:15

Oops : also congrats on your pregnancy and hope you start feeling better soon.

I, too, had a bunch of UTIs last pregnancy, one in Europe where they said the UK hadn't given me enough antibiotics! It's all a bit of a guessing game isn't it?

applecore0317 Thu 30-Jul-15 09:01:17

You're Kidneys and your body are working extra hard to help grow your little one. The uterus can also press against the bladder as it gets bigger and before it pushes up out of the pelvis in the swcond trimester.

You have to drink more fluids than you did pre pregnancy, if you've had two lots of anti bs then it would be unlikely that it's an infection. I had two nasty infections in pregnancy and two just after I gave birth and the pain was horrible.

Did they do Vaginal swabs to test for other infections? One of the joys of pregnancy is heavier discharge, but if they didn't do swabs, perhaps request these on your return. Hope you have a goos holiday smile

applecore0317 Thu 30-Jul-15 09:01:38

*Your not You're

HJBeans Thu 30-Jul-15 09:20:43

Thanks for the reply - they did swabs, yes, but they hadn't come back before I travelled. I'll hear about those at noon.

I'm wondering if it isn't just the uterus crowding things coupled with a bit of 'surface' irritation, which feels better since the anti-b's.

When does the uterus pop out of the pelvis? Presumably this helps create more room for the beleaguered organs until you get really big? Is this why the second trimester is generally nicest?

mygreeneyedboy Thu 30-Jul-15 09:27:15

I know I'm not medically trained, but it does seem a bit of an over reaction from your GP.. UTIs (as non UK GPs have told me), only need treating if they are significant, (little growth is of no concern). Whilst a kidney infection is serious, and a risk, it isn't highly likely. Especially with 2 and a half weeks away.
I'm allergic to penicillin, so the antibiotics I get given is generally erythromycin however this disagrees with me and makes my hyperemesis worse. So UK doctors have let me stop mid course, (and yet they continue to prescribe it to me hmm ) and in Europe - Scandinavia to be more precise, they say they would a) never give erythromycin anyway and b) wouldn't treat my UTIs as its not bad enough. If I were you I wouldn't worry, try enjoy the holiday, be alert for back pain which indicates the kidneys.. But just book a GP appointment for when you are back.

Thanks - and congratulations as well! Enjoy the holiday and relax!

Oo in addition. Could it be thrush? I've had thrush before that hasn't shown the normal symptoms of itchiness..

HJBeans Thu 30-Jul-15 10:47:47

The out of hours GP thought maybe thrush, since there was a lot of discharge. Could account for the spotting as well as external symptoms. They did a swab which I think came back negative.

applecore0317 Thu 30-Jul-15 10:54:03

The uterus moves out of the pelvis anywhere between 14 and 16 weeks. You tend to need to wee less in the first part of the second trimester smile

HJBeans Thu 30-Jul-15 11:49:13

Roll on 14 to 16 weeks! Thanks for the info.

HJBeans Thu 30-Jul-15 12:28:52

Swab results - no yeast, no other infections they checked for, but significant pus cells. Which makes me worry a bit more. Nothing to do, though, till it gets better or worse.

applecore0317 Sun 02-Aug-15 08:15:20

Just drink plenty of water whilst you are away and when you go for a wee make sure you are emptying your bladder by staying on the loo a few minutes longer, then when you get back from your holiday speak to your midwife smile

Junosmum Sun 02-Aug-15 09:16:53

If it's thrush antibiotics will have made it worse, making you feel worse. Drink plenty of water and avoid sugar, which feeds thrush (hard to do in the US). Try using plain natural yoghurt, both eating and applying to the area and use canisten if needs be. Or vinegar which I think works like a miracle-applied to the area near. Stings a bit.

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