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Morning Sickness or a stomach bug?

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RaisinGirls Wed 29-Jul-15 15:33:38

I'm 6+1 weeks pregnant and haven't had any symptoms so far until this morning. I woke up and my tummy felt hard and bloated and I had terrible indigestion. I've feel worse as the day has gone on, having been sick three times and had the runs once. I never got morning sickness with my little girl so wondering if this is pregnancy related or not? How can I tell?

5hell Wed 29-Jul-15 15:42:31

i dont think you can yet - if it goes away in a day or two then it's maybe food-related, if it sticks around it's probably MS! grin

hope you feel better soon

RaisinGirls Thu 30-Jul-15 09:02:46

Feel perfectly fine today. Was really hoping it was morning sickness as I've had no symptoms so far, which is worrying me.

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