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30+3 - baby's estimated weight is 3lb12 already...

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Doublebubblebubble Wed 29-Jul-15 11:03:52

How fudged fucked am I

I've just got back from my consultant app/scan and she has basically said that because he is just under the curve - I should be fine. She asked if I had been offered the gtt and I said "no but I have asked for it" as she said that because I have no family history and he's just under it isn't necessary... I do not want to have a 11lb+ monster baby. My grandad was 13lb, myself and my brother were 9lb1 and 9lb2 respectively. My DD was 8lb4 (dh was 6lb6). Experiences please x

Doublebubblebubble Wed 29-Jul-15 11:07:45

A piccy of baby's growth chart thing. He is just under. I am having another scan (maybe) and definitely seeing my consultant at 36 weeks

lauraa4 Wed 29-Jul-15 11:11:26

I had a private scan at 30+4 and she said my baby's estimated weight at that point was only slightly under yours. I think he was at about 3lb6.
I also only passed the GTT by 0.2 but am still classed as a low risk pregnancy and baby is estimated to be between 7-8lbs.

From what I gather their estimates can be fairly inaccurate so I'm not too worried. Has your midwife raised any concerns? In some parts of the country GTT are only offered to potentially high risk patients. Maybe you are not in an area where it is compulsory like me. I was only offered it because I have PCOS.

KokoLoko Wed 29-Jul-15 11:40:42

DS1 was estimated at 7lb7oz 3 days before he was born early at 7lb1oz. DN was estimated at 9-10lb then born at 7lb something. These estimates can be quite inaccurate. But if it makes you feel better I was once told that birthing large babies was easier because gravity really helped, lol. I'm not sure how true that was but hope it makes you feel better grin

Penguinandminipenguin Wed 29-Jul-15 13:34:13

At 30 weeks mine was estimated to be 4lbs 30z, and at my last scan at 37 weeks, was 7lbs 7oz. If I go to 42 weeks I am dreading the scans being right, cos if they put on 1lb every 2 weeks I could be looking at 10lbs! So I'm really worried about it.
I saw a consultant again on Monday though who said she doesn't trust scans as they are so inaccurate, and could be out by 20%....which sounded positive...until I realised that could be either way and the baby could be bigger shock
There's nothing you can do about it though, so try not to panic. They'll likely just keep an eye on things and give you the GTT if they think it's necessary after the next scan.

S2b16 Wed 29-Jul-15 17:05:29

Just to make you feel a little better, I've attached my chart from my now 3 day old baby, he was 10lb 5oz.
Sure my daughter was always just above the line and she was 8lb 1oz so fingers crossed baby will only be about the same.

misssmilla1 Wed 29-Jul-15 18:00:33

My GTT came back totally normal / within range. At last week's appointment (31w exactly) he was measuring 4.06 lb shock Dr said it was normal as he's also measuring long in his femur measurements (2 weeks ahead) so basically she thinks he's going to be big. I can't also help wondering if he'll turn up early as a result - am bringing everything forward by 2 weeks as a result (finishing painting etc)

My mum smirked and reliably informed me she was a 10lb5oz baby (and this is in the middle of WW2 with rationing!) we were all normal (7-8lb) but then she smoked like a chimney, so maybe it's hereditary!

Stace27 Wed 29-Jul-15 20:02:49

I've been measuring above the highest line from word go. I went for a private scan at 33 weeks and his estimated weight was 6lb 4oz. My midwife has never been concerned even after telling her this. She says there not concerned about big babies unless your diagnosed with gestational diabetes! I'm now 36 weeks and predicting a good 10lb at least ha X

Flambola Thu 30-Jul-15 06:12:25

I'm sure it will be fine. My son was 9lb 8, born at 37 weeks. No indications he would be a big baby to be honest.

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