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courtneyathay123 Wed 29-Jul-15 03:09:27

Hi I posted on here a few days ago asking if I was pregnant well know knowing I'm not 6 days ago I started bleeding in not sure if its a period or implantation my periods hav only started coming back but they we light for 2 days then got heavy now they hav gone pink can someone tell me what's going on plz me + my partner had intercourse 6 days before I started bleeding + we hav been having intercourse while I hav been bleeding as well can someone plz tell me what's going on really confused xxxxx

courtneyathay123 Wed 29-Jul-15 03:46:13

Its a bit slimy discharge as well ( sorry for tmi ) xxxx

madwomanbackintheattic Wed 29-Jul-15 05:03:56

Do a pg test? Ask your GP? Wait a few more days if you normally bleed for 7 days and see if it stops?
My crystal ball is buggered, I'm afraid, guessing what is going on with someone else's menstrual cycle over the Internet on the facts you have given is pretty much impossible. Does the timing work for a normal period for you? How old are you? Changed your contraceptive method? When you say 'periods just coming back', have you recently had a baby?
If you do mean that this is just menstruation returning after birth, that's your answer. That's what's happening. Give it a few months and it will settle down.

courtneyathay123 Thu 30-Jul-15 15:27:49

no i mean my periods are coming back after stopping the depo last year its my 1st bleed after 3 years of being on it im 17 and me and my partner are trying for a baby and coz we hav had intercourse a few times while ive been bleeding its hard 2 tell if ive caught or not coz its changing colors it started light then got heavy then after we had intercourse it then went pink 2 brownish the spots now back 2 very light pink im really confused by all this and when wud be the best time 2 buy a test xxxx

PotteringAlong Thu 30-Jul-15 15:33:53

If you have no idea when your period is due then it won't really matter when you buy a test. Buy 2 - do one now another in 2 weeks if needed. And in the nicest possible way; you're 17. Have you really thought through trying for a baby? Because actively choosing to get pregnant at 17 seems like madness to me.

courtneyathay123 Thu 30-Jul-15 15:36:25

yhh me and my partner has had a talk about it and we hav thought about it and its something we really want xxxxxx

Gillian1980 Thu 30-Jul-15 15:43:44

I'd abstain from intercourse and let the bleeding settle down - sex may be triggering some of the bleeding.

Do a test now and then again in 2-3 weeks time.

If you're not pregnant, perhaps use condoms for a few months until your periods hopefully settle into a bit more of a regular pattern as it'll help you work out timings etc.

It should be much easier for you to work out what is going on once your body has had time to readjust and get back in a pattern.

courtneyathay123 Thu 30-Jul-15 15:47:41

im gonna buy a test next week wen my partner gets paid xxxx

PotteringAlong Thu 30-Jul-15 15:58:22

Sweetheart - if you cannot afford to buy a pregnancy test, bearing in mind they cost £2 in superdrug, then you cannot afford to have a baby.

Justincaseyoudidntknow Thu 30-Jul-15 16:04:18

Like a previous poster said, stop having sex for at least a week, let the bleeding settle down.
Do you or your partner work? Have you sat down and had a good look at finances and how you will afford a baby? Do you live together?

There is so much to consider at such a young age. I don't want to patronise you but at 17 I would think very carefully about having a baby

courtneyathay123 Thu 30-Jul-15 16:08:29

we live 2gether and the test only cost £1 hes on jsa and im getting £30 a week soon be £120 a week so we got it all covered and opening a savings account 2 save money up for the baby im jw is it possible 2 get pregnant while having a cycle or irregular periods ?????? xxxxx

Justincaseyoudidntknow Thu 30-Jul-15 16:13:15

Ok you seem to think you can afford a baby (I heartily disagree but I can see you wont change your mind). Perhaps you should both get a job then have a baby? I thought you had to stay in education until 18?

Yes... In answer to your question, you can get pregnant when your periods are irregular

honeysucklejasmine Thu 30-Jul-15 16:18:43

It really would be easier to concieve when you have regular cycles, which can take 6-12 months to resume after you start bleeding again. Honestly, I'd wait to TTC until they are regular. Use the time to save up a bit and do some research in to what you'll need and how much it will cost.

And I really don't mean to make assumptions, and I'm sorry if it's irrelevant to you, but remember you now can't get any help with housing until your mid-20s. Do you have a stable living situation for a baby?

courtneyathay123 Thu 30-Jul-15 16:27:17

yes we have but we are moving soon 2 a 2 bedroom flat and im so happy that i no i can conceive if my cycles are irregular but but now that my cycles are starting 2 come back slowly it cud be more possible smile xxxxx

Justincaseyoudidntknow Thu 30-Jul-15 17:58:43

Do you have any intention of working? Does your partner?

lauraa4 Thu 30-Jul-15 20:05:20

I agree with what PP are saying. If you have just come off contraception you should allow time for your periods to return to normal so you can regulate them. Otherwise if you do get pregnant beforehand you won't know how far gone you are etc.

As for your living situation and the fact that neither of you are currently working and claiming benefits, maybe you should wait until your partner is at least working so he can financially support you? Having a baby isn't cheap and at 17 I wanted to do something with my life such as college. However everyone is different and good luck with your goals.

mrsatkinson Thu 30-Jul-15 20:19:20

You should really consider your circumstances before worrying about TTC.
I consider myself young (24) to be pregnant with my first. myself and my husband haven't been together all that long in the grand scheme of things (3 years) but 6 months after getting married decided to try for a baby.
I am now pregnant with twins which is absolutely amazing, but in our plan had only budgetted for the 1 baby.
we both have decent jobs that pay relatively well, and we can JUST about afford. I will have to return to work earlier than planned though which devastates both of us.
we have managed to get loads of things second hand and have extremely generous friends and family and have still spent approx £1000 in preparation for babies. We dont have luxury items.
It is so expensive having babies, and being the first of my career-girl friends to have babies I have no clue.

if a baby is what you want then great, but have you seriously considered the costs, the element of surprise and the fact that this ties you down and to your partner for life.

At 17 I was with 'the one'. Or so I thought. 8 years on, and another 'the one' later, I am old enough to realise how ridiculous I was. Im not suggesting you are the same as I was, but Im a fairly sensible person and managed to get it wrong.

Good luck whatever you decide, my main advice is get a pen and pad, tot up costs, consider all outcomes and enjoy being a teenager. 18 is a hell of a lot of fun without children! as is 19, 20, 21.... etc! smile

Doublebubblebubble Fri 31-Jul-15 08:56:12

As others have said - get a test. If you genuinely cant afford £1 (pound land) then go to the family planning clinic. Not to be judgey - I was pretty much like you when I was 17 all i wanted was a baby. My friend had had a baby at 16 and at first the baby was cute but I soon saw how much she struggled (she was in your situation really). It was not good for any of them including her son (my godson).

Are you at college? Make sure that you finish your education.
Have you travelled?
What will your parents do? Will they be supportive?
Do you have x money to help with the upbringing of this "child" that you are planning?

after seeing what my friend went through i went travelling round the world, finished my education, started my career, met my (now) dh waited 2 years before we even thought about a child (the dynamics of a relationship truly change depending on how long you've been together) and we've now been together for 8 years

If you have a baby now - you wont be able to travel, or well do anything for a really. Long. Time. also Your other half NEEDS to get a job - you cant just have a baby and expect to live off the state anymore x good luck x

Doublebubblebubble Fri 31-Jul-15 09:07:53

Also I was 23 when I had my DD so still pretty young and looking back that may have still been too young. I'm now 28 and 30 weeks I have to say that this still feels too young to me too ��

courtneyathay123 Sat 01-Aug-15 19:38:58

thanks all and i have finished my education in school im on this course atm which helps me look for jobs and get ready for them im getting paid for it and my partner has been looking everyday for a job hes gonna apply in the new town center wen its been built but can someone answer me this if a period lasts 6 days why hav i just finished and me and my partner had intercourse all thru my bleed so how do i no if ive caught or not coz its 2 early 2 test atm but wen i started my bleed it was heavy but then it changed after i had intercourse it was a pinkish brown i started the 23rd suppose 2 finish 28th but if implantation lasts for 3 days cud it of been added on the end ?????? xxxxx

honeysucklejasmine Sat 01-Aug-15 20:02:55

Did you buy a test yet?

courtneyathay123 Sat 01-Aug-15 20:12:27

its 2 early 2 buy a test atm xxxx

AThousandTears Sat 01-Aug-15 20:22:26

TTC is a waiting game. You can't expect to have sex and then take a test straight away. The colour of the bleeding isn't going to help you figure out if you are pregnant. You won't know is the answer to your question.

Like others have said, take a test now then wait 3 weeks and take one again.

As for money, you do not sound like you have thought this through. Babies are so so expensive and £150 per week is not going to cover bills, food and baby stuff!

Who is going to pay the rent in your new flat? What about Gas? Electric? Water? TV license? Food? TV/phone/internet?

If you are on a course that is preparing you for getting a job, I'd suggest finishing that and actually getting a job first. Move into your flat and see how your money works out with just the two of you. There is no rush.

Do you have family to support you or talk to about this?

sarkymare Sat 01-Aug-15 20:28:16

Implantation takes on average around 11 days. So no, what you experienced is not likely to be implantation. plus it is highly unlikely you was ovulating during your period in order for you to conceive then anyway.

I'm young too, I will be 22 when DC2 arrives so please don't think I'm bashing you because of your age, I'm not. But what you have written here screams out to me that you are not ready for a child. You don't seem to know how your reproductive system/pregnancy works. you don't have a job and neither does your partner. But that's okay because soon you will be getting £100 something a week and your partner plans on applying for a job at some point in the future at a place that hasn't even been built yet? Do you think that's sensible? honestly?

MagpieCursedTea Sat 01-Aug-15 23:16:31

Other posters have given some great advice about getting yourself into a better/more secure position before TTC. I'd listen to them!

In the mean time, you might find it useful to get a better understanding of your reproductive system so that when you are ready to TTC, you'll know what's happening with your cycles and when to test etc.
There are loads of online resources, I'm a big fan of fertility friend, I've learned a lot from their website and app.

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