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37 weeks and miserable! Anyone else?

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Treesandbees Tue 28-Jul-15 11:09:17

Just can't sleep due to back/hip pain & killer heartburn! Dread going to bed as I know I'm going to be in pain. Got a 2yo too and know what's coming with sleep deprivation....eeeek! Just want the baby to come now! Anyone else just feel crap??

Rosenwyn1985 Tue 28-Jul-15 12:00:45

I'm 36+5 and totally with you! Trying hard not to be impatient. My first (also a 2 year old) came at 39+4 so despite trying to tell myself this one could be late, with everyone saying this one will be early I'm even grumpier! It doesn't help that the Braxton hicks are so bad at night, every evening I can't help but wonder if this is it! Didn't have Braxton hicks or slow contractions as such first time, waters broke and a few hours later my contractions started at full blast. Five hours later little one was here!

Firstbaby2015 Tue 28-Jul-15 12:38:07

I'm with you! I'm 39+2 and just want the baby here now! I've had Braxton hicks ever since I first felt him move, and now they're that strong that I can't move as its like having a stone stuck to my front! I'm also with you on the hip pain, night times are a killer :-(

Treesandbees Tue 28-Jul-15 12:43:07

Sorry you guys are suffering too but least we're not alone!! And what is with the bloody braxton hicks! Rose I'm the same, they are bad at night and I keep thinking 'this is it'...then nothing confused. I'm being induced next Wednesday so know I don't have long to go but I'd rather do it naturally if I can wink!

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