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Completion date on new house is around my due date!

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VixtaT Mon 27-Jul-15 21:30:40

Hi, our completion date ( not yet confirmed ) on our new house looks like it gonna be close to my due date ( give or tak a week ) Does anyone know what happens regarding postnatal care such as midwife / health visitor visitors in this situation. Obviously i will not have registered with a new doctor for my new catchment area. ( we re not moving far so will be the same hospital for the birth)

hurryupandgetout Mon 27-Jul-15 23:08:21

I had exavtly the same, had my first sweep whilst the removal men were loading the vans! I kept with my old dr surgery/midwife until the birth then registered with a new surgery as soon as I got home. You get a form in hospital to give your correct details for health visitor etc. Overall this worked fine but we had a couple of niggles - the baby had tongue tie and the treatment of it in the old catchment area and the new was different and we accidentally ended up doing a bit of both and confusing matters, and we weren't sure which trust the midwife was coming from on our first day home visit so when she didn't turn up it was a faff to track her down. As long as you get all this clarified you'll be fine. good luck!

mygreeneyedboy Tue 28-Jul-15 09:50:09

It's slightly different but I gave birth in a hospital where I had no registered doctors (went home to my parents and stayed a few weeks after), for myself, I couldn't be bothered to registered for such a short time - however the hospital insisted I wasn't allowed to leave until I registered at a nearby GP - they did the registration for me. (So basically the hospital will help in regards to yourself)

As for the baby. You can registered them at a doctors when he or she is born - this will kick start the health visitors. For the post natal midwife care, as its the same hospital, the midwives in your new area will be familiar with the midwives in our old area (all community midwives have to do some hospital shifts, so they would meet at the same hospital - chat and get to know each other) they'll also be on hand to cover each other shifts. So this means your current midwife should be able to inform your new set of midwives and pass on the details pretty easily.

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