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16 weeks + 2 days. No symptoms

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nicola1904 Mon 27-Jul-15 10:53:19


I just wants to see if anyone else is going through the same as I am...

I have so far had a good pregnancy, usual feeling sick and been sick around ten times maybe. Night time bloating, boaky feeling etc. the past week all of my symptoms have more or less gone. (While I can't say I miss the sickness...I guess it made me feel pregnant)

Now I am in this limbo stage with no real bump or feeling any movement 👎🏼

Does anyone else feel like this?

Thanks. X

Emjones88 Mon 27-Jul-15 11:07:16

I had this, around 10-12 weeks (now 19+ 2) in fact it reduced me to sobbing most mornings.

I can tell you what everyone told me, including the MW. It's perfectly normal. As your placenta takes over more, the less early pregnancy symptoms you have. I really struggled to believe everyone but my 12 week scan proved they were right (and that I was actually 14+2!!).

ARV1981 Mon 27-Jul-15 11:15:44

Yes, this happened to me. I bought a Doppler to satisfy myself that baby was still there, but I wouldn't recommend you get one - they feed anxiety. I had to ask my dh to hide it from me in the end as I became obsessed with it.

Once you start to feel movement (mine started at around 17 weeks, but it could be anytime up to around 24-25 weeks) it all starts to feel better. But don't become obsessed by movement either - they're so small at that stage that you can't always feel their movements if it's right in the middle of the amniotic fluid.

I'm 33 weeks today, and it's getting harder and harder each week (and like you, I've not had much to complain about symptom-wise) so I say, enjoy these weeks while you can, if you can! It starts to get more difficult as baby gets bigger and starts pushing everything out of the way - shortness of breath, heartburn, pelvic pain's hard!

nicola1904 Mon 27-Jul-15 11:16:12

Everyone is telling me the same thing! My 12 week scan was totally fine also, I think it's just hard as 8 weeks is a long time to have not seen or heard the baby! I thought at my app last week I would have got to hear the heartbeat but they said at 15 weeks they try not to do it now as too many people were unable to find anything as baby's too small! Only 3 weeks to 20 week scan, literally counting the days now x

Emjones88 Mon 27-Jul-15 11:26:19

I do 100% get it tho. An easy pregnancy can make you wonder and feel a little anxious perhaps. But I like a comment I read the other day. A woman (18weeks ish) had just met up with her MW sister who said that "although you don't have a bump and can't feel anything, you would have definitely noticed if your baby had upped and left in the last few weeks" lol. I find it quite reassuring as the chances of not knowing it's gone wrong are really minimal.

So I'm relishing in easy pregnant life. And can't wait to start feeling movements!

Nousername2015 Mon 27-Jul-15 12:16:51

Ditto here, just almost
driven myself to despair thinking about it this morning. 14+5 today, been sick every day from 7 weeks up to 13+2. Last week could barely move for exhaustion. This week... Feeling strangely fine and it really unnerves me. Not seeing mw for another 2 weeks, scans only reassure me for 24 hours so trying to tough it out! Hopefully you'll get some movements before too long and that will reassure you.

MissMartin10 Mon 27-Jul-15 13:02:48

Nicola why dont you book yourself a private scan to put your mind at rest? that should make you feel better.. I know how you feel though i had one day of no symptoms and i normally have severe HG everyday and migranes so it freaked me out but i agree 8 weeks is along time but i knew it would be and im impatient so booked a scan for when im 16w3ds to find out the gender so it breaks the wait up smile 15 days to go! .. hope you feel reassured soon.. i'd count yourself luckly hehe x

EdgarAllenPoe Mon 27-Jul-15 15:59:13

I'm 16+4. I look a bit fatter but not obviously pregnant. No more feeling nauseous but can't feel the baby yet either, so I understand the pregnant limbo feeling!

We'll be laughing at our past selves when we're 35+ weeks and can't reach to tie our own shoes anymore and every meal is accompanied by heartburn. I'm trying to enjoy this relatively easy part of pregnancy while I still can.

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