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3rd time around...

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MsFiestyPants Mon 27-Jul-15 10:43:13

soooo im pg, 3rd time and I have forgotten everything!

im a bit bewildered actually as DS1 and 2 were concieved when my PCOS was super uncontrolled and took 14 and 26 months to have. Since then I have started metformin have regular cycles and lost 5st. ive also lost a total tosser of STB XH or cheating scumbag as he is known!

DP and I were precautionless 6 months so this is super fast. LMP puts EDD around 31st March. I cant overly rememer anything much...

im wooly headed and quite nauseaus peeing and tired. then I worry when Im not nauseaus!

anyway just a waffle; feel free to enlighten me about life with 3...

ARV1981 Mon 27-Jul-15 11:41:39

Congratulations!flowers I don't have anything practical to say as am pg with my first... but wanted to say congratulations nonetheless!

MsFiestyPants Mon 27-Jul-15 15:23:03

thanks congrats to you toothanks

LibrariesGaveUsPower Mon 27-Jul-15 15:24:36


Life with three will be largely influenced by how old your big two

MsFiestyPants Mon 27-Jul-15 18:04:50

ds1 is 5 will be 6 Ds2 is 2 will be 3, 3.4 yrs between Ds1 and 2 will be exactly the same between ds2 and dc3 ( luck not judgement)

Mum2Boys15 Mon 27-Jul-15 19:04:41

Congratulations! I'd welcome advice from individuals that have 3 children. Quite daunting! How old are your two sons? Mine are 3 and 5, I'm due on the 31st March too (used the online calculator). Good luck with everything smile x

Mum2Boys15 Mon 27-Jul-15 19:06:29

Actually just saw your last message! My children will be exactly the same age when number 3 turns up �� small world. Only took a test this morning, how long have you known?

AdorabeezleWinterpop Mon 27-Jul-15 21:21:03

Hello. I am pregnant with DC3. I have DD (5) and DS (2). All 3 will have same birthday month smile

LibrariesGaveUsPower Mon 27-Jul-15 21:28:37

The hardest thing with a tiny DC3 was juggling time deadlines like school run. Didn't have that first time.

The hardest thing now he's one is juggling the age spread. A six year old (and a four year old) and a one year old is way more challenging than when I had a three year old and one year old . When they are home I feel I am constantly keeping him out of lego , painting etc and never joining in.

MsFiestyPants Wed 29-Jul-15 10:22:27

ive known about a week and have peed on every stick I had!8 in total haha!

my two boys will be at their dads on the weekends so this LO will have some time as almost an only. Ds1 is at school DS2 is at preschool 3 days a week so should be an ok balance hopefully! DPs mum is wonderful and will be great support so that aspect doesnt scare me too much... famous last words! mornings do though!

im starting a part time fdsc in sept so will be juggling pg alongside that then taking a year out, or at least that is the plan!

xh is likely to be a totak tool about things so not lookingbforward to him sticking his beak in!

it doesnt feel real yet! thanks thanks thanks for everyone else expecting too!

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