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When did you/are you finishing work?

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ImpatiencePersonified Mon 27-Jul-15 09:48:53

I'm 31+2 and I'm shattered... as in totally shattered. I'm struggling to sleep at night, my pelvis is killing and I've got pretty bad acid reflux.
I'm off to the docs at 10.40 to see if they can give me something like omiprezole for the acid because it just seems to be laughin in Gaviscon's face at the moment but I know there's nowt they can really do about the insomnia and pelvic pain.
I was planning on working up until the end of August, so 4 weeks on Friday until I should technically finish but I'm struggling to see how I'll function for another 4 weeks like this.
So my question to you ladies is this, do I just need to take a spoonful of concrete and harden the fuck up or do I succumb to my feeble inner me and think about finishing work earlier than I planned?
What stage were you when you decided enough was enough?

Whatabout Mon 27-Jul-15 10:20:08

Next Monday at 34+3. I'm done this time earlier than first time, I'm taking a couple of weeks leave and baby is coming at 39 weeks so it's not as early as it seems.

Indomitable Mon 27-Jul-15 10:21:59

Last time I finished at 38 weeks. I wish I'd stopped at 36! My friend stopped around 30 weeks and has never regretted that decision.

GoooRooo Mon 27-Jul-15 10:26:40

I am 31 weeks today and also shattered. I was due to work up to my due date last time and gave birth at 37+3 with no break at all - was due to be at work that day - so am stopping earlier this time at 35 weeks. I cannot wait. I've had enough already. Luckily I am only working from home for the next month.

sianihedgehog Mon 27-Jul-15 10:27:08

I'm 38 weeks, finishing on Wednesday! I wish I'd stopped at 36 weeks , though , sitting at a desk is HIDEOUS .

ARV1981 Mon 27-Jul-15 10:28:17

I finished last week at 32 weeks. I'm currently on annual leave, until mid August when my maternity leave starts.

vvviola Mon 27-Jul-15 10:28:52

DD1, was due to work to 37 weeks. DD had other ideas and arrived at 36 weeks! I was really suffering at that stage and had been signed off for a couple of days the previous week after a fall. Was gutted that I didn't get a chance to relax a little on ML before she arrived.

DD2 - took ML from 37 weeks. She arrived at 39 weeks. DD1 was staying with my parents (due to no childcare where we were living, and all my lovely friends being away around DD2's due date - we lived in an expat community where everyone disappeared for the month!).

I was bored out of my mind for 2 weeks until she came. grin Kept harassing poor DH to take a half day and go to the movies with me, or meet me in town for lunch.

in short, in my case, no matter when I take ML, I'm never happy

Poppytime Mon 27-Jul-15 10:34:26

I am stopping at 33 weeks (30 weeks now) - stopped last time at 34 weeks. I know a lot of people work a lot longer, but I've got holiday to use up and to be honest I am also shattered - I haven't done any preparation for the new baby and I just want a few weeks to myself (and with toddler DD) before they arrive. As DD arrived bang on due date I suspect this one may be a little early too. Don't feel bad about finishing earlier than you planned - you can't predict how you will feel in later pregnancy - and I think the more rested/relaxed you are when baby comes the better!

Flowerpower14 Mon 27-Jul-15 10:44:27

Im 31 + 5 aswell,im finishing at 35 weeks but if you feel it is getting to much then i would stop,dont push yourself if you really feel awful.

mrsdos Mon 27-Jul-15 10:47:48

I am finishing on Wednesday at 35+3 grin
Dh is a teacher so making the most of a few weeks together plan free before baby arrives...

I am in an office based job but having to heave myself off the chair to stop hips/knees/back seizing up has become a pain in itself...

Merlin333 Mon 27-Jul-15 10:55:07

Im finishing at 32 weeks which seems quite early but I work with horses so am limited as to what I can do so its my last wk this wk and part of me is concerned i might get bored but im also quite pleased as I do get tired and it seems to have forgotton its summer cos i keep getting soaked!!! flippin weather X

Betsyblue Mon 27-Jul-15 11:02:41

First time I finished at 36 weeks as we were also moving house that week so it tied it well. I did get a bit bored towards the end but that's because I went overdue probably.

This time I am a sahm with an active toddler and I wish I could take maternity leave! I would take it early if you feel as though you need it- you probably won't get that time just for you again!

Topsy34 Mon 27-Jul-15 11:19:08

End of sept for me, so 33 weeks. I worked until 38 weeks with ds and this time round decided to take some time for me

Trickytricky Mon 27-Jul-15 11:31:46

This is interesting reading. I'm currently 29 weeks and trying to decide when to go on leave (although I still haven't received any info from HR!). I was planning on going off 2-3 weeks before due date (I'm having an elective c-section due to previous surgeries and medical needs but that's not been booked yet). I was under the impression that's what most people do BUT I have a query about annual leave. Do most people add their remaining annual leave to the beginning or end of their Mat Leave? Are we supposed to 'use up' annual leave? My annual leave year runs from beginning of March to end of February. So I've only used about half of my annual leave entitlement so far. Thanks for any help.

Sillysausage2 Mon 27-Jul-15 11:32:14

I finished last week at 39 weeks. I went 2 weeks over on my last one and really regretted those wasted 4 weeks at the end of ML.
I have SPD too so was just as uncomfortable at home as I was in work, at least there I got tea and sympathy!

lauraa4 Mon 27-Jul-15 11:36:02

I'm stopping at 37 weeks but have a weeks annual leave to take so technically maternity leave will take effect from 38 weeks.

I'm literally counting down until 31st August. I'm so tired and my hips are killing!

ARV1981 Mon 27-Jul-15 11:45:47

I answer to the question about annual leave... I think it depends on the company. Mine asked me to take it before maternity leave, but said if baby comes early triggering mat leave earlier than expected then they would add it on to next year's. But I've read on here that some companies don't do this and you effectively lose your leave. I don't know how legal that is though...

Does your work have an employee's handbook? Might have this info in there?

Gillian1980 Mon 27-Jul-15 12:13:42

Was due to finish at 36 weeks but due to various complications I brought it forward a week and finished at 35 weeks.

Good thing as I'm now 36+3 and due to have a section at 37 weeks. So I managed to have 2 weeks to get all my last minute stuff done and rest, a week wouldn't have been enough.

Fizzy13 Mon 27-Jul-15 12:35:37

I'm finishing at the end of august too at 36 weeks. I'm using my remaining annual leave to make short days for the next 3 weeks and then two 3 day weeks at the end.
Getting tired now as not really sleeping so I'm definitely not functioning properly at work. Luckily they're being really relaxed about what I get done (hence why I'm replying and not busy working!). I know not everyone has the luxury.

dinodiva Mon 27-Jul-15 12:38:40

32+2 here and finishing on 28th August at 37 weeks exactly. I can't wait. I am taking every Wednesday off from next week though so am reducing my hours to help get me through the last stretch - so glad I have this booked in as commuting (I'm in London) is getting harder and harder. I will also book to work from home for part of the time too.

MummyPiggy87 Mon 27-Jul-15 12:46:57

I'm finishing at 32 weeks, I'm a carer so have struggled to this point (23weeks) already. It's draining.

MissMartin10 Mon 27-Jul-15 12:54:09

36weeks for me on christmas eve grin

ImpatiencePersonified Mon 27-Jul-15 12:55:06

Thanks ladies, I've been to the docs this morning and have my lovely omiprezole prescription... along with antibiotics. It turns out I've been fighting a UTI too which I'm hoping is in part why I feel so shitty.

Going to let the medicine work its magic for the next week and see where I am next weekend. I have my 32 week appointment a week today so I can speak to my midwife then and see what she reckons.

I just feel so feeble!

Brummiegirl15 Mon 27-Jul-15 13:06:56

I'm due 1st Feb but I'm going to finish at 33 weeks and take holiday ( obviously of course plus Christmas) and that will take me up to 38 weeks when ml will start.

Our company want to to take holiday first then ml but if baby arrives - maternity leave kicks in automatically but your outstanding holiday if any is added on to the end

misssmilla1 Mon 27-Jul-15 13:15:09

38 weeks because we don't get proper maternity pay (not in UK) Started working from home 1 day a week already, and think this may well go up to 2-3 days a week as I get closer as the commute (and the stairs!) are starting to take it's toll.

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