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When do you start wearing maternity bra?

(24 Posts)
Cheshirehello79 Mon 27-Jul-15 05:10:18

Well my boobs have swollen but still same cup and still fit in my normal under wired bras. Does anyone know when do I need to ditch them or there isn't any safety issues with under wired bras?

HelenF35 Mon 27-Jul-15 05:42:47

I never wore one. I do wear a non wired bra now I'm breastfeeding though.

mrsnec Mon 27-Jul-15 05:51:58

Last time I wore soft cotton sports bras I got from amazon for about 5 quid each. I just got them in the next cup size. Not very attractive but soo comfortable! I think I was in them from about 12 weeks. This time there's no boob involvement yet. I must admit though I thought the wires thing was a myth. I did it for comfort last time.

lastnightiwenttomanderley Mon 27-Jul-15 05:56:44

I'm 32 weeks and still in normal bras, though a cup size larger. I.didn't feel.comfortable at all in the non-underwired ones.

I'm going to try and get a few nursing bras over the next few weeks.

lastnightiwenttomanderley Mon 27-Jul-15 05:58:24

Forgot to add, I think the wires thing becomes more relevant as your bump expands, as it stops the wiring sitting flat against your ribcage and can be uncomfortable.

Zarajohn Mon 27-Jul-15 07:01:07

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

eurochick Mon 27-Jul-15 07:05:01

I just bought some unwired bras, a size larger. They were supposed to be a stopgap when my boobs grew at 8 weeks but fitted me all the way through.

DefinitelyNotElsa Mon 27-Jul-15 07:29:33

I had to move over to non-wired bras when I was around 14 weeks pregnant. My breasts had grown considerably and the wires just became far too uncomfortable.

I very much agree with the PP who said that everyone is different. You just need to do what feels right for you.

OrangeBeehive Mon 27-Jul-15 07:33:22

I'm 17 weeks and still in my old bras! Admittedly my comfier ones but they're Bravissimo so a good quality and a good fit. My boobs got bigger in the first trimester but I rode it out and now they seem to have gone back to normal. I'm sure they'll explode again soon!

Superexcited Mon 27-Jul-15 07:37:06

I moved into maternity bras at 11 weeks because my breasts had grown two cup sizes and then I had to get new bras at 24 weeks as my breasts had grown another cup size. I can't stand the four boob look so I needed to change them.

stolemyusername Mon 27-Jul-15 07:43:31

32 weeks here and still wearing my normal bras. They were a considerable size anyway so I'm glad they haven't changed!

Daffolil Mon 27-Jul-15 07:55:03

Never wore one, I didn't feel uncomfortable. My midwife was happy with that. It would have cost a fortune going from a A to a DD cup, and the the saggy uni- boob they give isn't good on me. I did buy a couple to breastfeed in, but quite quickly went back to underwired and 20 months on simply hoik my tit out of the top when dd shouts 'boobie'.

AnythingNotEverything Mon 27-Jul-15 07:57:24

There's no issue with a well fitting wired bra during pregnancy. In three pregnancies I've worn wires up until the day I gave birth, and I'm quite large of nork.

During the first 2-3 months of BF it's advised to wear on wired as your pins can grow a good cup size in between feeds and any restriction can cause blocked ducts or mastitis.

barmybunting Mon 27-Jul-15 07:58:12

I tried to find new non-wired bras at about 20 weeks but hated them, so I ended up in slightly larger cup under-wired bras until about 34 weeks when I found a nursing/maternity bra style that I lived in. Only just moving back to normal bras now DD is 8 months and I only feeding first and last feed of the day.

Turquoiseblue Mon 27-Jul-15 08:04:15

I just sized up in my normal bras - needs to do this a few times as have gone up 3 cup sizes blush (dh is very happy wink) really dislike non wired so am still in underwired comfortably in early third trimester. Am hoping they don't expand further!

ribbitTheFrog Mon 27-Jul-15 09:16:21

Probably around the 10 week mark - underwires can hurt and cause harm to growing breasts! I found maternity/nursing bras much more comfortable.

superbabysmummy Mon 27-Jul-15 09:29:55

23 weeks and still in normal underwired bra's, no plans to spend money on new bras if I don't need them so hopefully be in these until the end smile

Cheshirehello79 Mon 27-Jul-15 10:51:45

So there isn't really a safety issue in such - just issues with being uncomfortably ? If that's the case though I've bought 2 nursing bras they are so unflattering so will just keep on wearing normal ones

Runningupthathill82 Mon 27-Jul-15 11:50:11

There's no problem with wearing an ordinary bra as long as its well fitting and comfortable.
I don't own a maternity bra and went to full term last time in decent, underwired, Bravissimo ones. This time round, I'm gradually growing back into my pre-DS underwired bras, which have been rescued from retirement.

acquiescence Mon 27-Jul-15 13:50:02

I was refitted at 6 weeks as boobs had grown a lot, and haven't changed since then (now 25 weeks). I am still using underwired but comfy bras, non underwired ones feel weird and lacking in support. I'm guessing as ribs expand I may change my mind. I don't think there are 'safety issues' as such- what are you thinking could happen?!

batfish Mon 27-Jul-15 16:44:45

I'm 30 weeks and still wearing normal underwired bras as am still finding them comfortable.

villainousbroodmare Mon 27-Jul-15 17:08:44

I got all the way to theatre for my caesarean at 41 +1 in an underwired bra. Now, though, I'd give the average Holstein Friesian a run for her money and am all heaving bosoms in a comfy bra or preferably none.

Doublebubblebubble Tue 28-Jul-15 08:42:46

I'm still in my la senza bras (I am 30+3) I just bought a bra extender from Debenhams - I'm also getting my nursing bra from their as they have a bit of a sale on which is handy

Ava50x Tue 28-Jul-15 15:04:53

Currently 35 weeks and still wearing underwired bras. They're only a problem if they're too small as they can push against your rib cage. If you don't like non-wired bras then make sure you get fitted properly for wired and you won't have any problems!

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