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3d scan disappointed

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cheezypeas Sun 26-Jul-15 21:12:19


Has anyone else had a 3d ultrasound and been disappointed? sad. I had one today at 27 weeks. Everyone I know who has had one has raved and got some amazing pics. I got one pic really that was any good, the rest were rubbish. The dvd was 6 minutes and the vast majority of it indistinguishable guff with the odd recognisable feature. I do realise there is an element of luck involved but am wondering whether I should have been offered the complimentary rescan, rather than them plodding on regardless, or whether my expectations were just too high? Initially she was curled up in a ball and impossible to see her face, but she did move a bit with some coffee and a walk. Overall though just feel a little deflated....

Doublebubblebubble Sun 26-Jul-15 21:33:12

Ummmm its a hard one I guess. My 3d (bonding - nearly 6 years ago) scan with DD started like yours... Couldn't get a good picture etc but as we were the last appointment for the day the sonographer just kept at it until she moved and could. I ended up with 12 scan pictures, a DVD and, to be honest, well and truly bonded with the baby. If you truly feel disappointed on the part of the company you could always send them an email and see what they say in response. X good luck x

emmjanex Sun 26-Jul-15 22:00:31

I had my 3D scan yesterday and had the same problem! What we didn't know was that Baby is extended breech so his legs & feet were covering his face for the whole thing! I was sent out to have a walk and eat some chocolate on 3 occasions but still no chance of seeing him! It was disappointing but I enjoyed the few pictures I've got of him! The sonographer did mention if we wasn't happy to contact them and they can try and rearrange another appt, it may be worth a try? Good luck ️xxx

DowntownFunk Sun 26-Jul-15 22:18:37

I did, at 27 weeks also.

At the time, 3d scans weren't available in my country. We flew for the weekend to Nottingham. Had the crappy scan then had to spend another 48 hrs in Nottingham. I did the walk/coffee halfway through also.

We haven't looked at the images again since PFB was born. By the time I was upduffed with DC2 4d scans were available in my town. It was great, loads of fantastic pictures and a DVD and we didn't have to travel. Again, we haven't looked at these images since DC2 arrived.

cheezypeas Sun 26-Jul-15 22:18:48

Thank you! Yes, worth an email ....they can only tell me to bog off! The staff were lovely and tried hard to get pics but like I say, only one really that was half way decent, which was really disappointing sad

lauraa4 Sun 26-Jul-15 22:52:58

I had a 4d scan at 28 weeks. My baby kept covering his face and wouldn't budge so they rebooked me for 2 weeks later at no extra cost. If you have paid for a private scan you should have been rebooked like me. If I were you I would ask them.

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