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What kind of a name is Ruby nowadays?

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agathamag Tue 21-Nov-06 20:38:35

We want to call our baby girl Ruby. It is virtually unknown in Spain, which doesn't bother us. Someone told me though that Ruby is now really popular in England (due to the Eastenders character). Is this correct? Is it very common, or becoming a chav name? ;) DS has an unusual name, so we don't want something very common.

TheHighwayCod Tue 21-Nov-06 20:39:32

its naff imo

a bit over done by peopel wnating to be differnet

NotAnOtter Tue 21-Nov-06 20:39:43

bit chavvy sorry....

Rhubarb Tue 21-Nov-06 20:40:21


pelvicfloorSNOWmore Tue 21-Nov-06 20:40:30

I like it
But it is getting more common now.

LadyTophamHatt Tue 21-Nov-06 20:40:52

I have a friend who is PG with a girl, she choose Ruby as the name but chnaged her mind as 2 other mums at shcool also used it.

So, i'd say yes it is popular

I love it though.

marymillington Tue 21-Nov-06 20:40:58

loads of 'em round here, know about four under threes called ruby

controlfreaky2 Tue 21-Nov-06 20:41:06

cant move for them here (but i am in norf london!)

CunningMaloryTowers Tue 21-Nov-06 20:41:12

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

NappiesGalore Tue 21-Nov-06 20:41:48

there are lots of people using it, but imo alovely name is a lovely name. and Ruby is a lovely name.

but if you do want something thats not common in her generation, Ruby isnt it im afraid.

helsy Tue 21-Nov-06 20:42:33

I think it's a bit more popular now, quite fancied it myself for our dd1 (now 6) but DH wouldn't hear of it! Lovely name, though, and if you're in another country the fact that it might be a slightly more common name here shouldn't really matter, should it? Ah, just looked, no.15 in top 100 girls' names 2005 in UK. More popular than I thought!

NotAnOtter Tue 21-Nov-06 20:43:00

15th most popular name last year. it is lovely but over used imo

agathamag Tue 21-Nov-06 20:43:10

Is it going to be like Kylie or Kayleigh? A name associated with a certain time and character? And is it because of Eastenders?

TheHighwayCod Tue 21-Nov-06 20:43:34


DizzyBint Tue 21-Nov-06 20:43:41

i loved it. always wanted to call my baby ruby but dh hates ruby wax so it was a big no no from him. then along comes ruby on eastenders. it was the same with all the alfies. loved that name too, but then along comes alfie moon.

VeniVidiVickiQV Tue 21-Nov-06 20:43:51

I've always liked it.

family friend who lives in New York just called her DD Ruby Joan.

But yes, its in danger of becoming like Emily.

Californifrau Tue 21-Nov-06 20:45:11

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Pinkchampagne Tue 21-Nov-06 20:46:00

It is becoming very popular. I know of 3 mums at the school I work at, who have recently had baby girls & called them Ruby.
Pretty name though.

agathamag Tue 21-Nov-06 20:46:48

Californifrau, explain yourself please!

TheHighwayCod Tue 21-Nov-06 20:46:49

emily harry all boring

agathamag Tue 21-Nov-06 20:47:35

Ok, I get it now. Haven't lived in England for a while, have forgotten me rhymin slang

agathamag Tue 21-Nov-06 20:48:55

Boring doesn't bother me so much.. I just don't want something dated and chavvy DS's name is unusual and not likely to date, so it seems unfair to have one child with a 'fashionable' name.

LadyOfThePoinsettias Tue 21-Nov-06 20:50:48

ds2 was going to be ruby if he was a girl!

VeniVidiVickiQV Tue 21-Nov-06 20:51:00

oh do tell what DS's name is?

agathamag Tue 21-Nov-06 20:51:44

DS is called Héctor. Don't tell me that is chavvy too these days????

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