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Been left 3 days after propess removal

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Mamabear14 Sun 26-Jul-15 02:17:58

I had my propess inserted Thursday. So far since then 12 women have been admitted after me and have all gone before me, I have been told many times I'm top of the list and then I'm not as my waters haven't gone. Another woman is about to go in front of me so I likely won't get in to have my waters broken and the drop today either. How long is it safe for them to leave the next stage of induction and just leave me sat here?

KatyN Sun 26-Jul-15 09:39:01

I had this. I waited for a delivery room to have my waters broken for three days. Other women kept coming in and progressing faster than my cervix so felt to be jumping the queue, the worst bit was when the woman in the room next to me gave birth on the ward (the delivery suite was full).
I did finally get a room and a midwife and then a son.

My understanding is that once you are ready to have your waters broken you don't then 'unready'. They can't send you home in case the baby comes very quickly, also when the room was available for me, I've never seen them move so fast to get me down there. I was in the delivery suite before my husband could make the 10 minute car journey!

Hang in there

mygreeneyedboy Sun 26-Jul-15 10:26:17

I wasn't induced but I had a similar experience last time waiting for a c sec. I was nil by mouth from Sunday midnight, promised a c sec at 11pm the next day (two ELCS prior to me). 9/10am I was given an IV to keep my sugars up. The two women had their c secs. And then came the emergencies, one after another. They didn't even need to tell me someone had taken the surgery room as there would be alarm bells everywhere as soon as someone needed it. It got to 6pm and they gave - let me order a takeaway and said I would be first thing the next day. I even had my aunt, a midwife who worked there, trying to get me in.
I was nil by mouth on Monday midnight, 9am, first in line to have a c sec but this time the emergencies came quicker! At 11am my aunt stamped her foot at the surgeons who had an empty surgery but debating about the possibility of another lady needing it - I finally had my son at 12:14.

Long story - point being - I know how you feel!! It's incredibly frustrating seeing people going in front ( Us British love our queues!). Your time will come. It may seem like forever right now - but in two weeks you'll think the whole thing lasted a few minutes. All the best and I hope you get seen quickly! Xx

RooibosTeaAgain Sun 26-Jul-15 12:27:54

I was left 5 days from very first process - had EMCS eventually after a day of contractions on day 6. Healthy baby born.

Mamabear14 Sun 26-Jul-15 12:41:01

I am on definitely not going today either now, considering they didn't want me going anywhere near my due date which is now tomorrow it's getting a bit ridiculous. I've made myself stressed out and ill, can't keep anything in and still need at some point to be able to push out a baby.

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