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H&M maternity - comes up v small?

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Poppytime Sat 25-Jul-15 11:23:40

Or have I put on more weight than I thought?! confused Bought a denim skirt in my usual size, can barely get it over my hips and it's so tight as to be unwearable hmm all my other maternity clothes from eg top shop/ Asos etc fit in my regular size...please someone tell me they have noticed the same? It's quite warm here today at my parents and I wanted to put on something a bit more summery but now am relegated back to my hot black leggings feeling fat! ,

RevsDeCub Sat 25-Jul-15 11:31:27

I have noticed the pants are a size smaller. If you google it, there are quite a few threads that say the same thing!

Eminybob Sat 25-Jul-15 11:44:32

It's h&m in general. Some stuff runs small, some large, some just right. As I understand it it's because they come from different suppliers all over the place.

Becca83 Sat 25-Jul-15 11:53:12

I refuse to buy from their maternity range due to their ridiculous sizing! I've bought a few of their normal stretchy dresses and long vests in a size up and they're great.

loolah83 Sat 25-Jul-15 11:57:28

I find their maternity tops and dresses are generously cut but the trousers and jeans run two sizes small.

StrawberryCheese Sat 25-Jul-15 12:01:22

Hopelessly small and poor quality. New look has been much better for me.

Poppytime Sat 25-Jul-15 12:03:43

Hurrah thank you! Stupidly ripped off the tags and god knows where the receipt is so will have to bury them/sell them on eBay or something...depressing keeping them around the house!

GlitzAndGigglesx Sat 25-Jul-15 12:14:10

I bought their leggings which lasted a whole 3 wears before ripping and some skinny jeans which I couldn't get past my hips from 6 months. The quality of the jeans wasn't great tbh. Next maternity jeans are really good I found - the sale price tags were even better!

Firstbaby2015 Sat 25-Jul-15 12:21:30

I found exactly the same! I was a 14 pre-pregnancy and couldn't even get a 16 in jeans past my hips from h&m at about 18 weeks! I refused to buy anything other than tops from there, the tops seem to fit OK.

Doublebubblebubble Sat 25-Jul-15 12:26:50

I normally have a great time with maternity wear from h&m but this time my office stuff feels so so much tighter. I have maternity trousers from 5 years ago (from h&m) that are the same size and style as the ones I bought recently and all I've been feeling is super self conscious of them. They are sooo tight - strangers can practically see every movement as I'm waddling around. Definitely don't think they'll last the whole pregnancy (I've got 10 weeks left - eeeeeep!!)

applecore0317 Sat 25-Jul-15 12:36:00

Their maternity denim was rubbish, the bump bands were too tight from early on even in a size bigger and I am fairly petite. Plus the length of the jeans is ridiculous, way too long. I had to go two sizes bigger than ones I bought elsewhere.

Roseybee10 Sat 25-Jul-15 12:53:44

Yes. I had to buy two sizes up in maternity from there. Usually a size 8 but bought size 12.

IlonaRN Sat 25-Jul-15 12:57:05

H&M seem to translate a size 38 to UK size 12. Normally size 38 is the same as UK size 10.
Maybe that explains some of the difference?

ARV1981 Sat 25-Jul-15 13:27:41

I noticed the same thing. Have had to stop wearing trousers I bought fairly early on, but did buy some chinos from h&m two sizes bigger than my usual which still fit, though I'm not liking the over the bump thing anymore now that my bump is mahoosive.

CarShare Sat 25-Jul-15 13:35:01

Yep, my size 8 sister needs a 14 in most H&M mat stuff. She suggested red herring in debenhams and topshop as best mat gear shops

MoreCakePlz Sat 25-Jul-15 18:13:25

I noticed this, tried on some shorts in my usual size 12 and couldn't even get them on! I also bought some leggings in a medium, which according to their website is around a size 14 and they fit. Think their sizing is just a bit whack.

Lunastarfish Sat 25-Jul-15 18:16:04

Despite being a 38DD I am a small in h&m tops. However, I was a size 14 before I was pregnant but couldn't get size 16 jeans over my calves. I found the vests I bought to be very good value, they were £6.99 and I wrote them a lot during my pregnancy but the trousers had me in tears. I also like their nursing bras as they are cheap

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