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(ahem) Erm, have I displaced my bits? TMI alert

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jaffajiffy Fri 24-Jul-15 16:28:47

Forgive the TMI if you can. I've just got off a marathon session on the loo and something is NOT RIGHT. I needed a poo, and it just got stuck, a bit like the awful 1st trimester days of constipation where you're just unsure it will ever shift. I'm 33 weeks today and haven't ever had these woes while this heavily pregnant. Anyway, there was a fair amount of shifting and straining and then it finally went, but now it feels like my whole vag is about 3 inches lower than before and there's a definite mass of something lower than it was 30 minutes ago. Baby is fine... moving around when I prod him.

What shall I do? Shove it back up? Lie down? Ring the midwife? Give it a night to spring back into place? It's not hurting, but it feels weird.

Thanks in advance, and apols again.

Whatabout Fri 24-Jul-15 16:32:10

Oh that sounds like a prolapse maybe? Think you might need to pop along to OOH to have them take a look.

Quinandthem Fri 24-Jul-15 16:44:58

Can you get your oh to have a look?

I'm 34wks and my vag area (good words) feels swollen.

Penfold007 Fri 24-Jul-15 16:51:16

Have you tried lying down with your hips on several pillows? It might resolve itself. Whilst resting I would ring your midwife and have a chat, remember there is nothing they haven't already seen or heard.

Imnotaslimjim Fri 24-Jul-15 17:14:33

It does sound like a prolapse. Can you get a mirror and have a look I would want to but I'm weird like that it might be obvious then you'd be able to pop it back in

jaffajiffy Fri 24-Jul-15 20:26:01

Thanks, all. DH was out and I had toddler duties so couldnt do too much. I did some shoving and sitting. There was lots of bowel rearrangement and farting, but it seems much better now. Good grief I will be eating my roughage religiously now.

Penfold007 Fri 24-Jul-15 20:32:21

Sorry but I couldn't help giggling at your update. Take it easy and speak to your midwife if you have any concerns.

yummymango Sat 25-Jul-15 21:05:28

Do your pelvic floors like mad!!

Emjones88 Mon 27-Jul-15 11:33:13

This thread has made me vow to squeeze! wink

And I will remember this when It no doubtably happens to me because baby brain helped forget to do pelvic floor exercises.

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