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Is it normal to be this tired?!

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LondonLancashireRose Fri 24-Jul-15 15:30:50

I am 36 weeks and have a DS who is 2.4. I've been on maternity leave for a week now and am really really struggling with being exhausted all the time. I feel like I could sleep for 20 hours straight and it still not be enough.

My DH works part time (he's a SAHD when I'm at work) so it's not like I'm on my own with a toddler all the time. Today though he's gone to a wedding and after a trip to the midwife this morning I'm struggling to get off the sofa and keep nearly dozing off! Poor DS is watching a lot of tv and it feels like I'm counting the minutes until his bedtime. I nearly cried earlier when he wouldn't nap as it meant I couldn't either.

I'm struggling with a bit of a painful pelvis so can't walk very far and am wondering if being stuck in the house is making it worse? Rolling over in bed is also painful so I don't get long periods of unbroken sleep at night unfortunately.

Tell me it isn't unusual to be this shattered? Any tips on what I can eat/do to perk myself up?

Dani240 Fri 24-Jul-15 16:21:23

Have you had your iron levels checked? If they're low you can feel cripplingly tired.

LondonLancashireRose Fri 24-Jul-15 17:47:37

Not since 28 weeks. I'll see if I can get a doctor's appointment though, thank you.

LilacWine7 Fri 24-Jul-15 18:20:20

I feel like this too. I'm 32weeks and the extreme tiredness kicked in a couple of weeks ago. I'm not sleeping well at night (SPD pain and needing to wee frequently) so I think this has something to do with it.

I've been off sick with HG for most of my pregnancy, so I'm used to being home a lot, but I try to plan activities and trips out every other day so I have something to motivate me. Getting fresh air seems to help with tiredness, even if it's just a 10-min walk.

I find it helps to have frequent naps! If I've had a really rough night I sometimes go back to bed around 11am and sleep for a few hours, if less tired I still have a nap around 2pm for about 40mins. I don't fight the urge to sleep. I sleep more deeply in daytime for some reason, at night I have very vivid dreams and nightmares and seem to wake every 30mins or so. Sleeping with a pillow between my knees and using a memory-foam mattress has eased my pelvic pain a bit.

I'm also taking Pregnancare every day to top up iron. And I have a shot of instant espresso twice a day (staying within the 300mg caffeine allowance) which perks me up a lot! I try to avoid sugary snacks as they make me more tired. Flapjacks, toast, yogurt, pistachios, almonds etc all seem to give me energy so I nibble on them between meals. Peanut butter on wholemeal toast is a favourite snack at the moment!

Hope you feel more energetic soon!

LondonLancashireRose Fri 31-Jul-15 16:37:35

Just wanted to update that I had a blood test and my iron levels are low. Picked up prescribed iron tablets this morning so hopefully I'll start feeling the effect soon.
Getting out of the house more has also been helping I think!

blowinahoolie Fri 31-Jul-15 17:23:04

I've been exhausted all pregnancy, nearly 37 weeks now. You just have to rest when you can and go to bed early. I'm in bed most nights at 6pm.

LilacWine7 Fri 31-Jul-15 19:13:53

London interesting about low iron levels! My bloods came back this week showing low iron levels too... up until now they'd been fine. I've also noticed my nails becoming brittle recently and the corners of my mouth are cracked, which are apparently signs of iron deficiency. So maybe that level of tiredness isn't normal after all! Hope you feel more energetic soon.

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