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transverse lie, and measuring a little small at 34wks - reassurance pls

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NeuroticFox1 Fri 24-Jul-15 12:01:40

Hiya, I've just had my 34wk appointment and the midwife thinks the baby is lying in transverse position. They said I need to go back in 2wks and get checked again. I've been told not to worry and do some different sitting positions. Her measurements were on the small side - still average but not in line with the trend of my growth so far. Midwife put the measurement down to the baby's position, but my thinking is she might have been transverse all along and so why would there be a change? I'm worried there might be something wrong they are missing. Any experience or reassurance anyone can offer would be great.

mygreeneyedboy Fri 24-Jul-15 12:18:34

Measurements aren't always accurate - and as long as you're still in the average then it's fine - is your chart tailored to you and your baby or is it just a generic one? (I had a tailored one last time from the scan, so it has some personal info at the top - the generic chart doesn't)

As for the transverse lie - it's completely fine for now. Obviously if your waters break you need to go to hospital immediately (even 999). Midwives picked up DS was transverse at 38 weeks, they did an ECV (manually turning him) and he decided to go back to his comfy transverse lie. So I ended up with a c sec at 39 weeks. It may be different for you, babies can keep turning even during labour. Google "spinning babies"

I think all in all it doesn't seem too much you need to worry about right now. I hope all goes well and baby gets head down!

NeuroticFox1 Fri 24-Jul-15 14:37:18

Thank you that is useful advice, they didn't mention the need to go to hospital straight away if I went into labour but I've read that since too with a bit of Googling, so thank you it's important to know. I'm really against this manual turning process so will do what I can to avoid it, I've read some horror stories so would rather a c-section than that tbh. The measurements were on a general chart - she was 25 at 25+5, 28 at 28+4, 30 at 31+0, and now 32 at 34 so this concerns me a bit, but everyone else is not concerned. It was a different mw so I'm also wondering if she measured me from a bit higher up.

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