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12 week scan this afternoon...bundle of nerves!

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BrienneofQarth Fri 24-Jul-15 10:44:00

Anyone want to hold my hand while I pretend to work and while away the time?? I'm far more nervous this time than with DD, more aware of the things that can go wrong at this stage! Am terrified in case baby isn't alright. Am I normal??

MummyBex1985 Fri 24-Jul-15 11:14:38

Yes, I think you're completely normal. I'm TTC and I'm already worried about the first scan, despite not even being PG yet!

(Now THATS not normal) grin

knittingirl Fri 24-Jul-15 11:48:26

Totally normal to be anxious about the scan, I was with both pregnancies - try and find ways to occupy yourself, this afternoon will come!

BrienneofQarth Fri 24-Jul-15 11:56:35

I'm supposed to be working and it's just not happening!

Thanks for the replies ladies!

NeuroticFox1 Fri 24-Jul-15 12:03:21

I agree totally normal, I was exactly the same in spite of the fact I'd had a reassurance scan 2 weeks before! x

BrienneofQarth Fri 24-Jul-15 12:44:14

One more question - full bladder?? I can't remember!

applecore0317 Fri 24-Jul-15 12:50:31

Yep full bladder, good luck smile

MummyPiggy87 Fri 24-Jul-15 14:49:12

Hope it goes well x

BrienneofQarth Fri 24-Jul-15 16:08:26

Little wiggler is all accounted for! Due date 1st Feb - so excited!

NeuroticFox1 Fri 24-Jul-15 20:00:47

Great news smile

Gillian1980 Fri 24-Jul-15 20:20:33

Great news smile

NewMrsX Sat 25-Jul-15 10:21:02


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