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35+1 with PUPPP

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MoreCakePlz Fri 24-Jul-15 09:20:47

...and just want to have a moan! It came on on Sunday and since then has spread over my entire body - right down to the soles of my feet and the backs of my hands. I've seen doctors and a dermatologist, been prescribed medicated moisturisers, antihistamines and topical steroids and none of it makes a blind bit of difference.

After another sleepless night I'm about to spend day 6 wearing a cold damp towel and desperately trying not to itch. I had so enjoyed being pregnant up until now, but now I just feel utterly miserable sad

LadesC Fri 24-Jul-15 10:31:31

Has PUPPP been confirmed? Might be worth ringing ur midwife as severe itching can be sign of obstetric cholestasis which needs monitoring. I know youve seen Dr and you would presume they are clued up on these things but might be worth a phonecall as its just a blood test.

Not meaning to panic you but im currently 36+5 and have been diagnosed with OC. They prescribed me a menthol aqueous cream to use and keep in fridge and suggested no very hot or very cold showers.

MoreCakePlz Fri 24-Jul-15 11:37:19

Yes it's been confirmed as PUPPP - I had blood tests to rule out OC and also saw my midwife earlier in the week. She referred to the consultant but their next free appointment is in two weeks shock I was using an aqueous cream but my skin started to react to it so I've been prescribed a medicated lotion instead. I will be putting it in the fridge now - hadn't thought of that!! Maddening isn't it, being unbearably itchy all the time sad

LadesC Fri 24-Jul-15 12:34:30

Thats good then, glad not OC. Yes it drives u nuts. Im sporting some lovely scratch marks on my chest and i rub my feet on the stair carpet when i get up in morning which is bliss!!!!

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