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Crippling backache

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Straightjacketneeded Thu 23-Jul-15 20:11:39

I'm 21 weeks pregnant and really struggling with my back already! Tried paracetamol and quite warm baths but nothing's working. Just wondering if anyone has any ideas for me? I was thinking heat pads or deep heat not sure if they're safe to use in pregnancy though?

Dunkyourcustardcream Thu 23-Jul-15 21:20:15

I had a bump band / support band which helped a bit.

MoreCakePlz Fri 24-Jul-15 11:41:05

What kind of pain is it? Sharp pain or aching? Whereabouts on your back is it? For some things a physio referral might be good, or for others a pregnancy massage. Get help from someone though - don't just suffer it! brew

LainyC13 Fri 24-Jul-15 12:10:08

I swear by my TENS machine! I don't know if you can use it that early but might be worth looking into x

Clairejessica123 Fri 24-Jul-15 19:23:08

I've been seeing an osteopath since about 10 weeks pregnant and he has been a godsend! Your midwife will refer you to physio is she feels you need it however I found they weren't hands on enough with treatment and didn't get results. Like above I would recommend a pregnancy massage, I've found hot water bottle comforting and also using eucalyptus oil diluted well.

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