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Pregnant or not.. Confused!

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Claramoon Thu 23-Jul-15 19:04:22

Hi ladies, wondering if you can help as I'm confused! Thought I was 8 weeks pg with dc3, I'm 42 and have dd of 3 and ds just 1. Had a positive clear blue test two weeks ago saying I was 3 weeks plus no period for 8 weeks and felt sickness etc. But did blood test today to confirm and HCG level came back v low and well below level for pregnancy so it turns out I'm not. Cd that be mmc? Does HCG drop completely if foetus doesn't thrive? Want to be prepared if so. Thx!

jurisane Thu 23-Jul-15 22:06:04

Hormones will drop with a mmc but the rate is different for everyone. If they think its an mmc they will probably do another blood test to make sure they are dropping--could also just be low hormone levels. How low were your levels? My doc told me I wouldn't have another cycle until the levels were below 1 and that took for bloody ever... sad

I hope you have a better outcome.

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