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Baby Movements

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Anna2710 Thu 23-Jul-15 12:49:59

I am currently 24+5 and am having a panic about baby movements. For the past few days baby has kicked strongly and constantly all day pretty much, however today she has been a lot quieter and what movements I have felt have been a lot softer and like more flutters than kicks. Should I be worried? I am a real worrier by nature and have been to midwife a couple of times earlier in the pregnancy as was worried hadn't felt her move much. I have had 2 unexplained bleeds since 20 weeks which has increased my worry. Not sure what caused them and was offered no scans to check.

Fizzy13 Thu 23-Jul-15 12:58:53

Mine has been a big kicker since about 20weeks. Last week (29) was really quiet and it freaked me out. Went in to get monitored and all is just fine. Trying out different movements maybe, just a bit sleepy and doing lots of growing instead. I'm now going with as long I feel something going on it's ok in there even if its not as vigorous as usual.
I've not had any bleeding, so can't comment.
If in doubt call the midwife and they'll decide if you should go in for a quick check.

BeautifulBatman Thu 23-Jul-15 13:03:41

This happened with me a few weeks ago. Kicking constantly for two days then nothing but the odd flutter for a day and a half. I panicked and went off for another scan. Everything was fine. Whilst there is nothing wrong with being safe than sorry, the baby is still small enough to move into places where you won't feel it as much. But if you are worried you should ring your midwife.

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