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Restless legs

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24hourM0MMY Thu 23-Jul-15 01:25:27

Is there a solution??? All I want to do is relax and I can't because I have an uncontrollable need to keep changing leg position. Tried stretching, not much help. Anyone else experience this? I'm 23 weeks.

Lightheartedindeed Thu 23-Jul-15 01:49:50

I get this a lot. Try laying on your side and swinging your legs back and forth while keeping them straight and close to the ground/bed. Sort of like a scissor motion. Not sure I have explained that very well sorry and I hope you get some sleep

3littlefrogs Thu 23-Jul-15 05:06:39

This can be due to anaemia. Have you had your Hb checked? Are you taking any iron supplements?

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