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Decorating works at 35/36w - am I mad?

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MrsPeeee Wed 22-Jul-15 20:37:55

We've just arranged for some decorating and plastering work to be done in our house when I'll be 35/36 weeks (will finish by the time I'm 36w and just before I start ML).

We're doing it then as that's when we'll have the money and want it done before baby arrives. It's my 2nd baby and I was 40+3 with #1, this time I'm having a HB confused

It will be ok won't it?!

cathpip Wed 22-Jul-15 21:01:24

Yes, just ignore the mess. I'm 35 weeks with dc4 and we are having a two storey extension built, I've just got my kitchen back after being without one for 2.5 weeks. Only 1 week left to go thank god!

LostMySocks Wed 22-Jul-15 21:03:20

As long as house still livable in with water and heating in case baby comes early you'll be fine.
We (well DH with me sitting on a box helping align the pipes) were putting radiators back on the wall in our bedroom the night before my waters broke. DH was fitting the underlay while I was in early labour. I ended up with a CS and in for 3 days so I came home to a lovely new bedroom.

UrethraFranklin1 Wed 22-Jul-15 21:05:45

I'm doing my own decorating at the same stage. Skimmed one room, painted three and laying a floor tomorrow. Why not now?

bonzo77 Wed 22-Jul-15 21:09:25

Only as mad as gutting and replacing 2 bathrooms and a kitchen, and replacing windows. With a week's UK holiday in the middle. While 33-39 weeks. When the last DC came at 35 weeks. hmm

MrsPeeee Wed 22-Jul-15 21:09:50

Thanks all. It would be better to do it now (at 21w) but we don't have all of the money saved but will by then. They will do the room I'm likely to give birth in first! They said it will be under 2 weeks for everything so it should all be lovely for when baby comes.

OMGBabyNo3 Wed 22-Jul-15 23:09:22

29 weeks here. 8 week loft conversion started yesterday. Arrgghhh!!

Foggymist Wed 22-Jul-15 23:26:00

We gutted our bathroom when I was 34 weeks so it would be finished by 37-38 weeks before baby arrived...I was admitted at 36 weeks, he was born at 36+6...came home to no bathroom! Thank God for the ensuite, we didn't have a main bathroom until baby was about 6 weeks old. Once it's done in time you'll be fine!

HarrietSchulenberg Wed 22-Jul-15 23:48:03

You'll be fine smile. We moved house when I was 36 weeks and redecorated ourselves at the same time. I was shifting wardrobes and putting stuff in the loft at 38 weeks (necessity not choice as ExH was very lazy). Not ideal but it's do-able.

loolah83 Thu 23-Jul-15 07:20:24

I'm 36 weeks and have been merrily painting skirting boards all week and am about to paint two rooms over the next two days smile

contractor6 Thu 23-Jul-15 08:10:00

32 weeks and getting quotes for new this modern form of nesting??

sianihedgehog Thu 23-Jul-15 09:43:06

I'm moving house at 39-40 weeks, so I think that sounds absolutely fine, but I may not be a reliable source!

HazelShade Thu 23-Jul-15 11:02:58

I'm 38 + 3 today and there is a builder in the house right now refitting our downstairs bathroom. He should be done today though... Possibly we left it a bit late hmm Glad I'm not the only one!

MrsPeeee Thu 23-Jul-15 12:16:54

Thank you all -we'll have running water and it's just a bit of dust - yeah?! Nesting overdrive clearly for us all -MUST HAVE REFURBISHMENT NOW!

Jelliebabe1 Thu 23-Jul-15 12:36:59

Yep I've booked to get the bathroom tiled when I will be 35 weeks! I'll either get it done as planned or if the babies have come already, rearrange or go to my mum's!

cherryade8 Thu 23-Jul-15 13:02:07

I cancelled the decorators I had booked for 39 weeks pregnant, it was going to be too stressful if I went into labour. Have kept the window fitters though as they can change one window with minimal fuss.

dinodiva Thu 23-Jul-15 13:32:17

32 weeks and back home this week after 2 weeks out for a bathroom/nursery renovation. It was fine and I am SO pleased with the result. I did have one small hormonal homesick meltdown, but I don't think that's bad all things considered!

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