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28 weeks belly pain

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Beccylee92 Wed 22-Jul-15 17:26:13

I'm 28 weeks pregnant and have been having shooting like pains in the lady bits throughout the day sorry tmi now I'm ha I g what seems to be period pains ?? Is this normal??

lauraa4 Wed 22-Jul-15 17:28:32

I started to get this at 29 weeks. I had a midwife appointment today at 31 weeks and she said perfectly normal. The weird feeling in the lady parts is most likely just pressure, in my case baby's head has started to engage. The period type pains are most likely stretching.

youlemming Wed 22-Jul-15 18:27:38

Sounds like the muscles and ligaments stretching, quite often see them called fanny daggers and it's quite a good description.
I find sudden movements and coughing/sneezing start them off.

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