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What's your favourite side effect of pregnancy?

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knittingirl Wed 22-Jul-15 15:56:31

We all know (and are experiencing) the nastier side effects of pregnancy, but what symptoms do you like?

For me, both with ds and with this pregnancy, my leg hair pretty much stops growing so I go from shaving every day to maybe once a week grin especially good when I'm getting too big to easily reach!

mummyneedinganswers Wed 22-Jul-15 16:00:46

Oh god my hair doesn't stop growing grin I am shaving constantly ... Favorite side effect though would have to be nail growthmy nails are so healthy while pregnant where before they broke constantly x

Sbear22 Wed 22-Jul-15 16:07:50

All the attention grin

CheesyWater Wed 22-Jul-15 16:09:20

My bump.

FreeButtonBee Wed 22-Jul-15 16:12:48

hair much less greasy - wash it only twice a week now rather than every other day.

Leg hair slowed down a lot

Loving having nice white eyes - down to the reduced amount of wine!

Unsureif Wed 22-Jul-15 16:17:05

My leg hair stopped growing too!

MrsGentlyBenevolent Wed 22-Jul-15 16:19:05

Goodness, I've had an opposite body hair issue - from really slow hair growth, to looking like Chewbacca's mother.

Being on a smoking/drinking break is obviously having great health effects. My taste buds are thanking me as well. Enjoying bump, although still find the squiggles strange. It's the effect its had on my partner I enjoy the most though, never realised what a soft git he was! He seems very happy, which makes me happy (yes, vomit inducing right grin).

Junosmum Wed 22-Jul-15 16:19:15

I've lost 9lbs! And my nails and hair are growing.

ISpidersmanYouMeanPirate Wed 22-Jul-15 16:19:48

Nothing physical - it was 9 horrendous months (both times).

I did sometimes enjoy the kicks, but DS1 had an awful habit of stretching out which was unbearably painful (and made me throw up) and DS2 drummed his legs non-stop for ages. He also did it as a very young baby and everyone flinched when I said it reminded me of his kicks grin

MissBattleaxe Wed 22-Jul-15 16:26:48

Feeling them move and knowing that they come everywhere with me in my tummy. It was lovely.

Oh and not having to hold my stomach in to look slimmer, like I try and do when not pregnant.

Justyouwaitandsee Wed 22-Jul-15 16:28:37

Being able to ask for (or be offered) a seat on the train and tube

bonzo77 Wed 22-Jul-15 16:29:36

My hair (on my head) is thicker, everywhere else more sparse. Nails become, well, as hard as nails! Enjoying what my body is capable of rather than lamenting its wobbles, dimples etc.

Fanby Wed 22-Jul-15 16:31:10

My skin! It's never been this clear!

Momzilla82 Wed 22-Jul-15 16:32:16

For me it was the ahem enhanced libido and the absence of having to worry about getting pregnant blush

BeautifulBatman Wed 22-Jul-15 16:33:56

My hair has been amazing - I get it washed and blow dried once a week. I barely need to brush it in between.

GlitzAndGigglesx Wed 22-Jul-15 16:37:10

I liked the sympathy grin. Not that anyone took any action but it was nice to have attention for a change. Oh and of course no periods!

knittingirl Wed 22-Jul-15 16:57:02

Lol momzilla

And no periods! How did I miss that one!

Mummybear8 Wed 22-Jul-15 17:06:52

Leg hair is so slow growing, I'm loving it!

Skin is really clear.

Indulging a little bit more in things I fancy because obviously the baby "needs" it...grin

milliemanzi Wed 22-Jul-15 18:14:49

Being able to wear bodycons etc and not worry about my pot belly cos now it's a preggo belly!
Just having a bump in genera and feeling movement.
Missing wine but enjoying the benefits of not drinking, Monday mornings are a lot easier after not having a boozy weekend!

moonfacebaby Wed 22-Jul-15 18:17:56

My psoriasis disappeared (but it always comes back afterwards sad)....

60sname Wed 22-Jul-15 18:21:31

Finally having a cleavage! Also clear skin

twinsandapenguin Wed 22-Jul-15 18:25:25

Boobs. Amazing illustrious pregnancy hair and no leg hair

HaHaPants Wed 22-Jul-15 18:29:37

My hair and skin were the best they'd been since I was a child...I thought the skin was due to using Liz Earle...but unfortunately not sad

CarShare Wed 22-Jul-15 18:52:33

My husband doing his own ironing (too exhausted!)

ARV1981 Wed 22-Jul-15 19:02:26

I have a cleavage. Never really had one before. It's a nice novelty!!!

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