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Anxiety is not the same thing as institution is it (bit mental again today!)

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Sleeplessinnorthlondon Wed 22-Jul-15 10:07:32

Having really kicked anxiety into touch started slipping back against night and after some reassurance. You know how midwives always say to call if feel anything wrong, that's things that are physical aren't they or change in movements not just sinking feeling something wrong? Haven't felt him kick much since last night but 24 weeks today and been told not to monitor too closely til 28 weeks and main fear just that he is in some way not well but not even in way could see on scan more just has some longer term health thing we won't know about maybe even for while after birth. Rational voice telling me this is anxiety back as got self bit over tired which was stupid and that although any baby can have problems no more reason to fear this one does just because have anxiety but can't shake sense of real fear. Whatever happens will love and care for him I know, just wondering if anyone else had fears like this and if they were unfounded or founded?

theaveragebear1983 Thu 23-Jul-15 18:35:26

If you suffer with anxiety maybe give your midwife a call, they are there to help you as well as baby and if you're really anxious then it could affect your blood pressure, sleep etc causing problems later on. They'll probably say they'll see you, listen in with a Doppler and send you away, but at least you'll have seen a professional and it might put your mind at rest. I assume that you've told them about your anxiety previously?

AGnu Thu 23-Jul-15 18:49:06

If it helps, at the start of my second pregnancy I was feeling very ill & convinced myself that it was twin girls & they were going to be born worryingly early & have all sorts of ongoing health problems. I was so sure that I spent hours researching all the possible complications of various different types of twin pregnancy, what my local NICU was like, how to arrange to visit the NICU before the babies were born, trying to think of non-twee names for twin girls, what car we'd need to get to fit them in... 7 months later I had one boy, 5 days late... & wasn't completely convinced it was really only going to be one, perfectly healthy, baby until the contractions stopped! I still worry that there's something wrong with one of the DC that we just haven't discovered yet... hmm

Hormones can do weird things to your brain. I'm sure your midwives will be happy to reassure you though. smile

sianihedgehog Thu 23-Jul-15 19:42:03

Sounds like the anxiety playing up to me. I have an anterior placenta and didn't even start to feel movement until around 25 weeks! If you've felt a few movements today, that is almost certainly fine - if you've been busy you often just don't notice them. the usual advice if you are concerned about movement is to have something sugary and a cold drink and then lie down somewhere quiet and see if you notice any movements when not distracted. If you do, then don't worry.

If I were in your shoes I would have a cold sugary drink, then brush my teeth and just have an early night. You'll probably feel movement in bed, and getting an early night will sort out the overtiredness. I'd DEFINITELY stop refreshing this thread and step away from Google because it would be really easy to fall into staying up late seeking reassurance, and make both the tiredness and the anxiety worse.

Skiptonlass Fri 24-Jul-15 08:14:28

Hi sleepless , I remember your previous thread.

Honestly at that age they can just kind of go off and curl up in a corner - I had something similar at almost exactly the same time. I was away for the weekend too so I was worried. I think he'd just turned over or something and was in a different position. Also I was quite active that weekend so maybe I'd just not felt him as much? On the way home I actually felt him turn round and now he's back to his usual assaults on my bladder.

I think there is no harm at all in calling the mw if you are at all worried about movements. In fact, I think you should. Not because I think there's something dire happening..,,They do say to keep an eye on it and I think it's better to call them, have a quick check and be reassured than to sit and worry about it.

So glad to see you're doing better!

lauraa4 Fri 24-Jul-15 09:18:27

Hi sleepless I had this all the time around 24/25 weeks and it's perfectly normal. Even now at 31 weeks there are still some days where he will be more active than others. I've become used to it because that's just my babies pattern. At first I was very panicky but you will over the next few weeks learn his little routine.

With regards to your baby having any long term health problems that weren't picked up at the scan - of course you will never know until he's here. They have a pretty good idea but no one will ever know for certain. I too worry sometimes that things may go wrong, but I just think to myself ' I have 9 weeks left of this pregnancy, and then he will be here and everything will be ok'. I have some days where I'm irrational and panicky about silly things like being able to cope, and then the next day I'm cool as a cucumber! smile

I've followed your previous thread so know how terrified you are, but you have done so well, and you are over half way there already! Just talk through your fears with friends and family, your midwife, anyone that you feel eases your mind and makes you determine what's rational thinking, and what's not.

Sleeplessinnorthlondon Sun 26-Jul-15 17:05:55

Thanks everyone, working out that some days more active than others and feeling more positive and calm - thanks so much for all your support xxxxx

Hippymama1 Mon 27-Jul-15 04:54:27

The reduced movement thing is hideous for everyone - if you have anxiety it's worse as we are so hypervigilent about everything!

I went to the hospital a couple of times for reduced movement - once at at 24 weeks - and they monitored the baby... I felt lots better afterwards. Give your midwife a call if you are still feeling worried.

You are doing so well... Have been thinking of you over the last few weeks and wondering how you are getting on... Keep well and keep us posted! flowers

Bababumpliverpool Wed 29-Jul-15 11:37:59

Anxiety is awful and when ur pregnant it seems to be magnified. I'm a midwife and suffered terrible and tried lots help as my sleeping patterns were awful. Yoga was brilliant but as a qualified masseur for pregnancy I just wanted some pampering like I did for so many others. It really does help! it is a treat I understand, but as pregnant women we are quite vulnerable to stresses and stains. I hope u are feeling better and perhaps treat yourself to a little pampering.

Sleeplessinnorthlondon Wed 29-Jul-15 11:54:19

Thanks all - booked into some yoga and some massage too - sod the finances will rely on credit cards if have to!!! Xxx

Notapinkgirl Wed 29-Jul-15 12:02:05

My last mild neurosis moment about the baby not moving (also at 24 weeks) was a UTI. After a trip to the emergency doctor who was lovely and some antibiotics the baby is now doing backflips and is fine!

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