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Hemiplegic migraine

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Beckyshort Tue 21-Jul-15 19:48:10

I'm just wondering if anyone suffers from this. I have had it for years and this is my first pregnancy. I normally only get it once a year but I'm now 11 weeks and 1 day and Iv had two in the last two weeks and they have been the most extreme Iv ever had. I'm terrified that this is something that I'm going to get a lot more often through my pregnancy. I have been told that it won't effect that baby though which is really reassuring.
I'd love to know if anyone else has had this? After spending all last night and this morning in hospital I really hope this will calm down once my hormones do.

Below is a description of what this is.
Hemiplegic migraine is referred to as a “migraine variant”. The word hemiplegic simply means paralysis on one side of the body. A person with hemiplegic migraine will experience a temporary weakness on one side of their body as part of their migraine attack. This can involve the face, arm or leg and be accompanied by numbness, or pins and needles. The person may experience speech difficulties, vision problems or confusion. This can be a frightening experience for the individual as these symptoms are similar to those of a stroke. This weakness may last from one hour to several days, but usually it goes within 24 hours. The head pain associated with migraine typically follows the weakness, but the headache may precede it or be absent.

Thank you to anyone who can try to shed some light onto this. And all comments

Yes, I get them. Mine thankfully did calm down during pregnancy though, despite having to come off my meds. I've been trying alternative / complementary remedies alongside my meds recently, I do think it help. Perhaps look into this, but check with your midwife /GP to check they are safe during pregnancy first though. I'm on magnesium supplements, apparently B complex also help, as high a dose as your midwife or healthcare provider recommends.

Beckyshort Tue 21-Jul-15 20:00:48

Oh thank you that's really helpful. Il be sure to mention it. I'm going yo my doctors and asking to see a specialist so hopfully they will have some ideas.

sianihedgehog Tue 21-Jul-15 20:07:33

I've had them occasionally, but haven't had them while pregnant. I did get an upsurge in the migraine with aura that I usually get in the first and early second trimester, but it tapered back down again by the third trimester and I've had none in ages.

There's a fact sheet produced by Migraine Action, sorry I can't link to it (been trying without success). However if you google "hemiplegic migraine" there's a pdf document about 3rd result down, check that out. Obviously, some of the suggested remedies may be unsuitable for you, or unsuitable during pregnancy - but it's worth a look. Some are nutritional and therefore it could be possible to modify your diet to try & make a difference. I've had no serious migraines in 8 days, which is a major breakthrough for me.

Also, if possible, try to identify all your triggers. Hormonal fluctuation may not be the only culprit. I no longer have lactose, caffeine, alcohol, msg, red meat, artificial sweeteners, colours or flavourings, and I avoid letting my blood sugar levels spike or crash - and I'm finally starting to feel normal again.

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