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Opinions please

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Weddersmrs4 Tue 21-Jul-15 19:03:25

After some opinions pls ladies. Sorry for long post.

I went into my local ANC on Monday (36+4) to see consultant to get my date for ELCS. The night before I started getting period type pains and back, leg and hip pains, with twinges and crampings, I went off to bed knowing that I was seeing consultant next day. I woke up experiencing the same pains and discomfort. Upon arriving at clinic, the Consultant could see straight away that I was in pain/discomfort and examined me, to say that cervix was soft (and another word that I can't remember) 2 cms dilated, the baby was very very low, she could feel the babies ear, she basically said I was ready and she suspected me to be in early labour. (I lost my plug 2 weeks ago)
After talking with her boss, I was admitted into MAU for observations, This is my 4th baby, ELCS after SROM at 37 wks, failed induction...... VBAC 40+ EMCS 32w after SROM, failed induction.
Because of my history and the fact that she believed I would labour quickly as baby was so low etc, I live 30-40 mins from hospital and the risk of rupturing my scar which she made very very clear that there was a risk of bleeding to death, I was admitted for OBS. Nil by Mouth, blood was taken, 1st steroid injection given, had to sign all papers for GA... it all felt very hurried etc.
Basically after a few hours of ECG I was 'informed' that there was contractions but as yet the contractions weren't long enough or regular and examination showed no change to the 2 cms.

I asked if i could go home and was informed quite strongly that I would be putting myself and unborn baby in danger if I did, was again reminded that I could bleed to death if a contraction tore my scar(s)
So, I was admitted onto ward for the night, with 2 further ECG planned during the evening and examinations to check. So, I had the ECG which shows that I was def getting an increase in contractions but again no real pattern to them, I was offered pethidine, cocodamol, paracetamol... i opted for paracetamol/cocodamol as didn't feel pethidine was necessary at this stage. Had a awful nights sleep, managing just under 2 hrs all night due to the back,leg, hip, stomach 'pain' I honestly didn't know whether to kneel, crawl, or walk.... I still had not been given the examinations that I was told I would after every ECG. This morning at 6, Another ECG, no BP taken or pulse or any other obs and still no examination. Drs round at 11am, apparently I had a good nights sleep, with rest!!!! and was told I could go home as I had no made no progress.
Now, I agree that there was no structure if u like, to my contractions but surely the only way to tell if I had indeed 'Progressed" is to do an internal exam, as I was informed that I was going to receive throughout the remaining evening/night... I questioned the exam and was told that they don't like to keep doing them as it can cause infections and other things to happen and as I wasn't yet 37weeks it wasn't advisable!! I informed her that I had lost my plug, had a terrible night with pains and she simply said your not in labour and not yet 37 wks!!! She gave me a date for my ELCS which is currently at 39+5 ... I have been told all the way through that I would not go over 38 weeks due to scar etc... I feel like I have been totally mugged off, after preparing myself in the rush and what seemed urgency to ensure I was ready for surgery yesterday, now it seems like theres no concern and I should just go away.
Im still having the pains, wasn't offered any pain relief to bring home, just told to go and relax.... 3 kids who are about to break up from school and partner who works nights... I said if u want me to relax then staying in is the best option, to which the DR simply walked off.

Im making an appt with my usual midwife to discuss this first thing tomorrow and ask if i can indeed by checked to see if I have made any progress and possibly get a 2nd opinion or transfer hospitals....
Would really appreciate anybody's thoughts/opinions please


LumpyCustard69 Tue 21-Jul-15 23:04:15

Wow sad It sounds like a horrible time!!

I don't have any advice other than speaking to your midwife, which you're already doing. But make sure she gives you support in whatever is decided. I would definitely ask for a different consultant/doctor.

MummyPiggy87 Tue 21-Jul-15 23:48:03

God! In your situation.. After being told you could bleed to death twice, I certainly understand why you feel mugged off. How the hell can they do all that and scare you like that then just "let you go" that's disgusting.
In situations like these I always feel like if there could be a danger to you or your baby (in their words!) because of their negligence, you need to make yourself a nuisance to actually get anywhere. (You wouldn't really be a nuisance obviously but I know that's how it would feel!) I've heard so many horror stories because doctors have f'cked up.
I hope you can get this sorted.
Booking a ELCS that late too is total bollocks. It should be done sooner.
Argh, I really hope you get this sorted xxthanks

mygreeneyedboy Wed 22-Jul-15 09:31:10

Seems a bit of a mess! But also seems like the problem is of miscommunication between the doctors. Is there anyway to can talk to a consultant! The Drs doing rounds aren't the best (one Dr wanted to keep my DS in hospital longer after I (not DS) had been readmitted - due to Ds's weight loss (he hadn't even been weighed!!) and the baby he had notes on was a girl.. hmm
Anyway point being - the Drs doing rounds are more like paperwork doctors. Try ringing the ward, asking to see the consultant. Good luck!

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