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What to expect: Late mc/preterm delivery & ERPC

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BabyGC Tue 21-Jul-15 02:11:09

This was my first pregnancy (also my first post on mums net) and I'm unsure what to expect.

I delivered at 17 weeks. I went in with very slight bleeding and some cramps, baby still had good heartbeat at 11am but sadly was delivered too young to have a chance that night.

I still had discomfort 5 weeks later so was sent to EPU for scan which showed I needed an ERPC. Had the ERPC 6 days ago and am wondering what is normal.

I'm still uncomfortable though not really bleeding.
Also, I am meant to do a long haul flight in a few days. Should I be concerned about flight and discomfort? I've contacted the hospital- there is no follow up to this procedure and none to ask.

Does anyone know how age might impact recovery (I'm over 40 and concerned age might be an additional factor).

Thanks in advance for any assistance. I know this is a lot of questions in one post.

sizethree Tue 21-Jul-15 02:34:29

I'm so sorry you're going through this. What a heartbreaking experience to endure. You're so strong.
I had an ERPC last November and suffered a lot of pain afterwards. I got seen at the Gynae dept I think about a week post op due to pain, and got treated with antibiotics for an infection.
I'd recommend you try to get seen again, as I've heard from other women that the recovery period after such a procedure is much speedier than I experienced.
I took some iron supplements in the form of spatone sachets and started back on conception vits as well as getting tons of fresh fruit and veg into my diet to boost nutrition. I felt physically a lot better about 4 weeks post op and my period returned 6 weeks after the orocudure.
It's a lot for your body to go through, so be gentle with yourself.
I wouldn't have thought age has much to do with recovery rate. But do get yourself checked over as it sounds more likely to be an infection.
Big hugs. X

BabyGC Tue 21-Jul-15 10:22:20

Thanks for your reply. This is definitely not my strongest hour.
It's hard to know what is normal. I was told my options at this point are to go to my GP (who wouldn't have the equipment at the practice to check me) or to go to EPU ( not ideal as it was quite an ordeal to go there after a mc -when I went further scan after having discomfort for 6 week post mc I could speak in full sentences I was so upset).
Maybe travel insurance is the way to go. I guess I will see how today goes.
Thanks again.

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