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Rings off already - how quick for them to fit again?

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MrsPeeee Mon 20-Jul-15 20:41:49

I'm 20w and I haven't had my rings on for about 2 weeks. Faaaatttt fingers. This is my second pregnancy and I don't remember them coming off so soon last time. How soon after birth will they fit again? I'm just about to get a brand new wedding ring too as the some diamonds fell out of my old one but I won't be able to wear them for aaaaagges.

Skiptonlass Mon 20-Jul-15 21:11:22

Depends if it's fluid that's making your fingers puff, or if you've put actual non water weight on..... Having seen the size of my ankles in the hot weather we had I now appreciate why most of my rings don't fit!

MrsPeeee Mon 20-Jul-15 21:13:58

It is most likely heat and water retention (not cake and Mars bars, noooo). I am just glad I realised they were getting right and needed to be taken off rather than cut off! Haven't dared weigh myself. Don't want to.

ARV1981 Mon 20-Jul-15 21:17:23

I don't know, but am hopping on to hopefully find out!

I've kept my wedding ring on as it's a plain gold ring and quite thick so still slides off. Have had to take off my engagement ring and a diamond ring I inherited from my grandmother as they seemed to stick more though.

I'm pretty sure it's heat and water retention for me....

spookyskeleton Mon 20-Jul-15 21:17:49

I took my engagement and wedding ring off at about 30 weeks - still haven't been able to get them back on...DS1 celebrated his 9th birthday last week shockblush

hannahwoodward28 Mon 20-Jul-15 21:18:21

Ive had to take mine off too! sad Can't wait to put them back on again! Just glad i managed to get them off as my fingers swelled up so much I though I might end up having to have them cut off!!

lucidlady Mon 20-Jul-15 21:20:04

I had the same issue in my 2nd pregnancy - mine was water retention. Rings came off at 24 weeks and only went back on again properly about 4 weeks ago. DS is now 10 months....I couldn't believe it. I was back to my pre-preg Weight when he was 8 weeks and am now actually lighter than before I got pregnant. Still couldn't get those rings on!! Ended up buying a cheapy set from Warren James for the fat finger period.

Bambooshoots14 Mon 20-Jul-15 21:20:12

Took me over 6 months

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