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Pain at top of bump

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Anna2710 Mon 20-Jul-15 20:03:28

I have had a bit if a pain (not unbearable) that feels a bit like a bruise on the right hand side an inch or so below my ribs since Saturday. I was just wondering if this was anything to worry about. I normally probably wouldn't have worried but I had a couple of bleeds at 21 and 22 weeks - now 24+2 - which have turned me into a paranoid wreck!

FeelTheNoise Mon 20-Jul-15 20:22:18

I get that a lot! Especially after a meal or lots of water. Very uncomfortable indeed!

Dunkyourcustardcream Mon 20-Jul-15 22:24:29

I get this too and was told it is scar tissue causing the pain from previous laparoscopys and a caesarean. Could this be the same for you?

FeelTheNoise Mon 20-Jul-15 23:45:30

Neither in my case Dunk!

EugenesAxe Tue 21-Jul-15 01:06:16

I raised this in one of my pregnancies and was told it was probably one of the tendons under strain. There aren't many around the womb holding things in place, and the top ones can get pulled. I would make sure you are sleeping on your side with your bump supported, and rest when you are able. Perhaps consider a support belt. I guess you aren't that big yet though? I expect things are OK but just always raise it if you are worried.

EugenesAxe Tue 21-Jul-15 01:13:28

They are actually ligaments, it seems. Round ligament pain came up when I looked for a diagram.

Anna2710 Tue 21-Jul-15 08:28:15

Neither in my case either Dunk, people do keep asking me when I'm due though when they see my bump and when I tell them not for 3 and a half months they laugh as my bump is pretty big!

Dunkyourcustardcream Wed 22-Jul-15 09:16:04

I had round ligament pain in the early stages of pregnancy. Felt sharp and pulling, especially if sneezing or sitting up suddenly. This scar tissue pain is constant and sore, like a bruised area. And really painful to touch. Pregnancy is fun!

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