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Present from baby to sibling?

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youlemming Mon 20-Jul-15 12:24:02

Trying to think of something to get my DD whose 5 from her soon to be new sister.
Want it to be meaningful but something she will actually use, so not sure which way to go, a toy of some sort seems too normal but a keepsake not fun for a 5yr old.

Any suggestions?

Glindathegoodwitch Mon 20-Jul-15 12:28:22

How about a little box of things for her to use to help you with the baby?
Like her own little box with some nappies, wipes bibs (maybe embroidered with 'big sister/little sister), an easy read book that she could read to the baby, a special teddy to or something like this. You can always keep the box for her as a keepsake with little bits in etc then while keeping her involved with the baby?

MishMooshAndMogwai Mon 20-Jul-15 12:29:43

When my brother was born I got a doll that my mums kept. It wasn't anything special but I enjoyed it at the time.

Imminent dc has 'got' dd and dss a gift bag of sweets, a dvd and little stocking filler type toys. I wanted something they could keep but on a v v tight budget so ive been building them over a few weeks and come to realise that actually they'll probably go down better than a toy that will be lost in the toy box or a keepsake that they won't enjoy.

Sallyhasleftthebuilding Mon 20-Jul-15 12:29:55

DD got a trike. There will be photos so not bothered by keep sakes,

RockerMummy184 Mon 20-Jul-15 12:30:43

How about a kind of scrap-book? You could write at the top of the page what to put on it so things like 'the first time I met my sister' or 'helping give my sister her first bath' and she can fill it in with photos of her and the baby and little notes and doodles about how she's feeling.
That covers the 'fun' toy aspect and also it's a lovely keepsake for her to look back on when she's older.

SweetSorrow Mon 20-Jul-15 12:31:01

We got DD fuzzy felts, they aren't a keepsake in anyway but kept her busy while I was stuck to the sofa feeding the baby!

KatyN Mon 20-Jul-15 12:31:40

I think FUN is the key here. I bought my sister a pushchair. she has NO recollection of me at all, just this amazing shiney pushchair. fwiw she bought me a toothbrush!
My son will just be 4 when his little sibling arrives. we thought he might get a camera because there are sure to be lots of photos being taken.

The new one is due one Christmas day so we need to make sure the present doesn't just disappear into the other ones!

I don't think a keepsake is necessary at all, personally.

FinallyHere Mon 20-Jul-15 12:33:00

This is such a lovely idea: I understand I brought my elder sister, who was six at the time, a complete new wardrobe for her favourite doll.

youlemming Mon 20-Jul-15 12:45:20

Thanks everyone some great ideas there, love the baby bag and scrap book, will start putting some bits together over the next couple of days before she finishes for the holidays.

Looseleaf Mon 20-Jul-15 12:45:52

We bought nothing after chatting to a friend of my mum's who i like (she has written a parenting book I like too). So made little fuss about DS' arrival other than discussing looking forward to meeting 'our' baby and kept everything as normal as possible before and after. Which worked for us and it was such an exciting time.

ds loves choosing Dd presents now he's 4 and we get lovely and unpredictable suggestions.
I hope you find something lovely and have a wonderful time meeting your lo

lilyb84 Mon 20-Jul-15 14:36:27

My sister 'gave' me a bag of Maltesars which is still the only thing I remember about her birth / babyhood, 27 years later. I was 4.

I think the camera's a lovely idea as well, our 4YO niece got one for Christmas and had loads of fun taking pictures of all the special moments!

I'm sure whatever you go with, OP, it'll be memorable and exciting for your DD smile

Doublebubblebubble Mon 20-Jul-15 20:09:39

I'm the same as you op. My DD is 5 and I've got 11 weeks to find something before her brother gets here! I know that I'm going to take a framed piccy of DD for the ward so she doesnt think weve forgotten about her after he is born but what to actually get her is soooo difficult. As I'm having a boy I was thinking of getting her a male tinytears doll with all the Gubbins that go along with it so that she can play mummy's along with me but as she's about to start he 1 this September I think she might be a bit too old???

Hypotenuse Mon 20-Jul-15 20:12:31

A camera, the kiddizoom ones are fairly robust. I got DD1 one from her baby sister and said a big sister's job sometimes is to remember things the little one can't so she has stories to tell her when she's older. The camera is to help her remember. She took the first pictures of her baby sister breastfeeding. Ooof it hurts my heart just thInking of her earnest little face snapping pictures for memories! She was four.

ImperialBlether Mon 20-Jul-15 20:12:40

I did that, Doublebubble! My daughter had a male tiny tears (Tiny Tim?) when her brother was born. The OP's daughter's a bit older though, so not sure she'll want that.

What does your daughter like to do, OP? Does she like cuddly toys?

Hypotenuse Mon 20-Jul-15 20:13:32

(The camera has little games to play on it too so it is fun and distracting.)

youlemming Mon 20-Jul-15 20:33:31

She's a right little tomboy so not too interested in dolls, but loves creative type things so going to mix the scrap book idea with a goody bag to include things we can do while I'm feeding.
Really into the new world of warrior cards (a bit like trump cards) which we can do together sitting on the sofa.
So something she can do now and also something that we can build up over time with photos and drawings of things she does with her sister.

MrsPeeee Mon 20-Jul-15 20:38:12

My son will be 5 when baby #2 arrives. He's already asked if the baby can bring the Death Star (Darth Vader's ship)! But then he asked how the baby would carry the Death Star and I said mummy would help smile

Bellabutterfly2014 Tue 21-Jul-15 06:19:28

Hey- I was thinking about exactly the same thing! My situation is a little different tho!
My first baby is due 27th November and my partner has older children and we want to buy them something, the big sisters will be 25 and 17 and the big brother will be 18 so maybe not toys!!!!!!
I was wondering about a bracelet or something as a keepsake for the girls but not sure about what to get for my step-son - any ideas?!?! X

GoooRooo Tue 21-Jul-15 07:42:04

DS will be 3.6 when this baby arrives and has very specifically asked that she brings him a Cars jigsaw puzzle, so that's what we've got him.

He helped to pick out a soft toy for her which he'll give to her too

GoooRooo Tue 21-Jul-15 07:42:53

bellabutterfly what about a wallet for the boy?

Hellohellohowareyou Tue 21-Jul-15 09:25:28

We also did it the other way round, we got DS to pick a present for his baby sister with a little guidance from us. We took him to m and s, showed him 3 comforters and asked him to pick one for her. He then gave it to her when he first visited her in hospital. Was very sweet!

mrsg1888 Tue 21-Jul-15 14:43:24

My dd1 will be 5 in October and her sister is due to arrive in just under 5 weeks.
Dd1 is super excited about helping so we have bought a little lunch bag from Amazon for her to use asHER changing bag. And also ordered a little charm bracelet from eBay (£5) with a big sister charmsmile

Mawsymoo Tue 21-Jul-15 14:50:22

Some lovely ideas here - I especially love the idea of the camera!

My DS will only be 19-20 months when the next baby is due so I'm wondering if there's even any point in getting a present since he won't understand what is going on? Is there anything we can do to prepare him at such a young age (sorry for the hijack OP!)?

youlemming Tue 21-Jul-15 16:50:50

No problem Mawsymoo glad this will be of help to others.
Maybe a book about having a new baby that you could read and talk through the pictures together.

Scotinoz Tue 21-Jul-15 19:27:15

Mawysmoo There's a lovely book called 'There's a House In Mummy's Tummy'. I read it to my eldest when I was expecting our second. #1 was just 17mths when #2 arrived but she really liked reading the book (not sure how much she got but it's still a favourite now).

Interesting, our paediatrician gave a different opinion on presents from new siblings. He likened it to your husband getting a girlfriend who monopolised all his time, but giving you diamond earrings from her to make up for her presence. In the post birth fog I kind of got it (although I don't totally agree with him). He suggested a 'haven't you been a brilliant sibling, I know the baby takes up our time/cries/etc but you have been great' present.

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