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Did you have any flutters at 18 weeks?

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Frillsandspills Mon 20-Jul-15 10:44:31

I'm 18 weeks and since about 16 weeks I've felt occasional flutters. Nothing big but I'm pretty sure it was baby and not wind or something!
I would describe it as bubbles popping as others say or like a subtle pulse maybe ? (Not my pulse though..)

Is it normal for flutters to not last very long at all? And they are very few and far between at this stage?

I'm very anxious and really cannot wait for definite movement to put my mind at ease but I just wondered if what I'd been feeling sounds like movement and others had felt similar in the sense that it's not very often (and mainly in the night). I felt more during the night over a week ago but now not so much although I do have a bump now which is reassuring, and I wonder if my mind has been too busy to notice as they are very subtle as require some concentration to feel them.

When is the normal time to feel flutters and when did you notice actual kicks?

Thank you!

lemon101 Mon 20-Jul-15 10:54:50

Hi Frills,

I'm 20 weeks and did feel the occasional something at 18 weeks BUT few and far between and so vague I wasn't at all sure of what I was feeling (and as you say I had to concentrate to feel them!). 19 Weeks I felt a little more and again a little more this week.

I think its normal and there is a reason why you only start monitoring movements seriously at 26 weeks - before that its too hit and miss and certainly at this stage the baby is so small that chances are most of the time you won't feel anything.

At 18 weeks a few days may go past between me being aware of movements - so don't worry.

SaulGood Mon 20-Jul-15 10:57:34

They can hide away really easily until you're nearer 26 weeks or so and atm you can expect movements to be sporadic with big gaps and no pattern.

With dc1, at 18 weeks I was having definite flutters but with no pattern at all. With dc2, at 18 weeks you could see him from the outside and he was very active.

Try not to worry. It all sounds v normal.

Frillsandspills Mon 20-Jul-15 11:00:23

Hi lemon,

Thank you so much. I was a little worried as I'd been aware of a few things then nothing but I knew it was far too early to get worked up about anything! I'm just so anxious to feel pregnant.
I'm glad you felt similiar to me, hope all is going well!

Frillsandspills Mon 20-Jul-15 11:02:53

Thank you Saul! I was hoping he was just hidden away! When I went to the hospital less than a week ago I heard the heartbeat but he was moving round so much they couldn't hear it for long and i couldn't feel a thing, so it makes sense!

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