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LLETZ during (unknown) early pregnancy - now really upset and worried. :(

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Satura Sun 19-Jul-15 22:52:39

Hi everyone,
As the title explains I went to my local hospital and underwent LLETZ treatment for cervical abnormalities a couple of days ago. I'd taken a pregnancy test on the day as my previous expected 'period' bleed had been a lot lighter and shorter than usual (which had also been one of my first symptoms when pregnant with my daughter) and I had generally been feeling more tired with sore boobs etc which came up neg and so the procedure continued as planned.

The tiredness and tender boobs have continued and I've begun to feel a bit nauseous as well which spurred me to take another test again today, obviously expecting a negative, but was surprised with a bittersweet BFP result which now has me in floods of panic in case the LLETZ may cause me to miscarry. Given the shortness of my previous 'AF' and the fact that my partner has been away for most of this month I'm assuming I must be around 5 or 6 weeks pregnant by now.

I've been in tears all evening worrying that the LLETZ will have harmed my pregnancy. I feel like I'm essentially waiting to miscarry now which is awful as I really want this baby, obviously if I had known then I would have spoken to the doctor about this and the risk and would probably not have had the procedure.

Has anybody experienced similar (I.e. Finding out they were pregnant WHILE having LLETZ) and gone on to have a healthy baby? I am so worried. Apologies for the jumbled message but I am currently devastated by guilt and worry. sad please help if you have any advice or experience. Xx

Whatabout Sun 19-Jul-15 22:59:11

This research found it to be safe

FrancesHouseman Sun 19-Jul-15 23:09:57

I had this treatment during pregnancy. Can't remember how many weeks I was but I did know I was pregnant and had informed the staff beforehand who told me it would be ok. This was 9 years ago and my 8.5 year old girl is currently fast asleep in bed smile

Junosmum Sun 19-Jul-15 23:22:28

Congratulations on the pregnancy. I suspected I was pregnant when I had my Lletz a few years ago and the Dr said it was fine in early pregnancy but not later on.

It's not nice but remember that about 20% of pregnancies end in miscarriage for a whole host of reasons entirely unrelated to your treatment. Hopefully it won't happen but if does it's very unlikely to be the lletz that did it. All the best.

Cornberry Sun 19-Jul-15 23:24:16

I hope this isn't unhelpful but if you had known would you have chosen not to have the treatment? If you had precancerous cells you needed them to be removed. There is always a risk of miscarriage but a necessary procedure to avoid getting cancer is important. Even if the worst happens you will be able to get pregnant again, but try not to worry about something that hasn't happened yet x

Satura Sun 19-Jul-15 23:27:44

Thank you both so much for such quick replies. This is so reassuring to read, I had googled immediately after doing the test and assumed the worst as everything I found said they usually don't do the procedure on pregnant women.

@frances Were there any complications or particular concerns during your pregnancy following the op? I'm obviously going to phone the hospital tomorrow for more info but I've read they sometimes like to monitor people more closely if they've had the procedure even before becoming pregnant.

I'm so hoping my little bub is ok. I've been feeling awful this evening and really want to be able to get excited. I'll keep you guys posted smile. Thank you so much again lovelies! Xx

Satura Sun 19-Jul-15 23:35:41

Sorry @Junosmum and @Cornberry, I didn't see your replies until just after I posted the last one. Thanks for your replies as well.

I know we aren't out of the woods yet but I've just been so worried to think that I could have caused a complication. The baby is a huge surprise but a very much wanted one but of course I know early pregnancy is always uncertain. It definitely helps to know that people have been in this situation before and it's been ok, that's really been getting me down since finding out.

I'm not sure whether I would have had the procedure had I known. If the doctor had been informed and suggested treatment with of a minimal risk (given how I'm feeling now I can only assume) I may have considered it depending on the urgency...I have one daughter already so if it were urgent then I possibly would have considered it but if it were possible to wait until after my due date with minimal risk I probably would have. I think not being able to properly discuss the options with the doctor has been a big source of doubt and guilt for me as well.

I'm feeling so shocked at the moment; the week has been a real rollercoaster. Scared to surprised/happy to sad and now back to feeling like I might be able to be happy again. Very anxious though, hoping bean pulls through all of this. smile thank you all! Xx

FrancesHouseman Mon 20-Jul-15 00:51:44

No extra checks or concerns for me. To be honest it's all a bit hazy now and I just did as I was told. I suspect they were a bit surprised that I was pregnant and weren't expecting me to be. I reckon the service wasn't particularly joined up then and perhaps I shouldn't have been sent for the procedure ( was definitely further than first trimester, probably second trimester) and my own GP and midwife didn't give me any particular aftercare. I did bleed a bit afterwards but was told that that would be normal and I think it only lasted a day or two. I only had their word and a leaflet to refer to at that time (no internet at home or work in those days!) so reckon if I had been able to google I might have scared myself silly. I hope I haven't worried you more - I do think if it was happening to me now then I would google like mad and ask a lot more questions. I'm on my third baby now (currently 17 weeks pregnant) and my lletz treatment was during my first pregnancy and fortunately I've not had any abnormal smear tests since then. Good luck to you - not that I think you need it!

BadgerFace Mon 20-Jul-15 10:37:10

I am sure you will be fine but tell your midwife at your booking in appointment (there is s section on the form for surgery). Most (although not all) hospitals will do extra monitoring. With DD I had had a LLETZ a year prior to becoming pregnant and so Kings measured the length of my cervix every two weeks from 14 weeks to about 24 weeks to check it wasn't shortening. Everything was fine although if it had started to shorten then they would have put a stitch in to help keep the cervix closed.

I am actually off to the hospital tonight for my first cervix measuring for my second pregnancy. I must admit I thought they wouldn't bother this time as I have carried a baby to term!

Good luck, I am sure you will be well looked after and that the procedure will have no impact on your pregnancy.

Junosmum Mon 20-Jul-15 11:52:38

Depends on how much they removed and how many LLETZ you've had before they start monitoring- I'm 14 weeks and they aren't monitoring me as I only had it once. If I have a late term miscarriage due to cervical incompetence (a side effect of LLETZ) then they reassured me they'd monitor me more closely next time. Grrr.

BadgerFace Mon 20-Jul-15 19:32:27

I think it really depends on the hospital. I have only had one LLETZ 5 years ago for minor abnormalities and I was referred to the cervical clinic for both pregnancies.

The consultant told me today that there was a 1% chance of someone who has not had a cervical procedure having a late miscarriage due to cervical incompetence and for people who had had cervical surgery this rose to 2% so still pretty low. Although now I think about it, I am not sure if she meant 1% of miscarriages which occur or 1% of pregnancies. I assume the former as miscarriage rates drop to about 1/2% after 12 weeks I think (although I could be wrong).

Sarahjanedavies456 Sun 13-Dec-15 16:24:01

Hi I had a lletz about 4 weeks ago then 2days ago found out I was 6 weeks pregnant I have just started bleeding it's light but I'm scared it's around the time of my period could this be normal?

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