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Comparing 1st & subsequent pregnancies: share your experiences!

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Indomitable Sun 19-Jul-15 19:29:23


I'm sure this has been done before, but...

I'm very newly of with #2 and I'm aware I'm feeling different this time around (less terrified, so far).

Please share your experiences of subsequent pregnancies in comparison to your first. Physical, practical, emotional: good and less good.

To start us off: I've noticed through indulgent super googling that the boobs are likely to be the first giveaway (oddly, I don't remember this). I've been able to dig out my spectrum of soft bras all ready and waiting. Lovely.

Indomitable Sun 19-Jul-15 19:31:20

of? *pg
(Didn't have the iPhone with #1 either!)

AbbeyRoadCrossing Sun 19-Jul-15 19:48:53

My 1st and 2nd (currently 25 weeks) have been very different.
With my first the sickness started earlier and went on longer, this time it was about 8-22 weeks, last time it started at about 5 and went on a bit longer.
My 1st I had bleeds, A&E trips - I had placenta praevia. This time it is high - phew! So all OK so far.
I feel more anxious this time as last time wasn't great, premature emcs. Finding it hard to think it might all be fine this time and go on 6 weeks longer.
I had cravings this time for sweets, no cravings last time.

Similarities - I still carry small. I was under the impression I'd be massive with my second but nope!

GoooRooo Sun 19-Jul-15 20:01:33

I'm currently 30 weeks with number 2 (although this is my third pregnancy, I miscarried last year at 10 weeks).

I am just much more tired but I am 40 years old with a three year old so that is likely to be the cause of that! I was 37 when I had DS.

I felt more anxious in the first 12 weeks but that's down to the miscarriage I think.

This baby moves MUCH MUCH more than DS ever did - or I'm just better at recognising the sensation.

The first trimester dragged, the second one flew by, now in the third and it's dragging again.

Apart from that, everything else is pretty much the same. Straight forward pregnancy despite being consultant led because of my age. No gestational diabetes, no blood pressure issues. I am carrying very high, just as I did with DS. Hoping for another vaginal birth.

GoooRooo Sun 19-Jul-15 20:02:40

Oh and this one's a girl - so that's different! grin

Indomitable Sun 19-Jul-15 20:15:29

Thanks folks!

dustyovaries Sun 19-Jul-15 20:20:10

This one has been much shitter! It took me about 2 years to conceive so I hate to moan but gads I seem to have had all the pregnancy side effects going. The latest is carpal tunnel which is horrid. Currently 39 plus 1 and cry and the thought of being late with this one. Was 41 plus 6 with DD and felt a million bucks! This one is a boy, I don't know if he is punishing me.

Indomitable Sun 19-Jul-15 20:23:31

Oh no dusty, sorry it took so long, sorry it's been hard work. You are allowed to moan! Hope you go into labour tonight!

LostSoulsForever Sun 19-Jul-15 20:38:14

I had really sore boobs with first pregnancy, suffered ante-natal depression, insomnia & headaches. Second pregnancy I have been craving sweet stuff like you wouldn't believe & had headaches over a shorter period of time. Also suffered mild SPD this time. Last one was a boy, this one is a girl (or should be). Was one day late with DS, 3 days late so far with this one. Carried the same with both although a bit bigger this time.

youlemming Sun 19-Jul-15 21:55:10

The only similar things between #1 and #2 were with me, the sickness 7-16 wks and the SPD.
Everything with baby has been very different, #1 was a breeze once we actually got there after 4 yrs of trying and the need for clomid, all appointments went to schedule with no issues always on the avg measurements and DD arrived on due date in 6 hrs.

#2 has made things interesting from the start, first off being unexpectedly natural, then having to redo the 20 wks scan as they couldn't get all the measurements due to poor position, being monitored at 25wks due to strong pains, growth scans from 34 wks as dropped from 60th to 10th percentile, then bouncing back up to 40th by 37 and 60th now at 38.
Plus 12 hrs of a very convincing practice labour at 37 wks!
Now just waiting to see when she will finally decide to appear, I expect she will have us waiting right till the end!

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